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August 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Business Meeting
A. Call meeting to order:
Description:  If during the course of the meeting, discussion of any item on the agenda should be held in a closed meeting, the Board will conduct a closed meeting
A.1. Invocation 
A.2. Pledge of Allegiance
B. Routine Matters
B.1. Approval of Consent Agenda
B.1.a. Minutes of Regular Meeting of July 13, 2020. 
B.1.b. Minutes of Special Meeting of July 28, 2020.
B.1.c. Approve Tax Report
B.1.d. Payment of Itemized Bills
C. Welcome Visitors
D. Recognitions
E. Public Forum
Description:  Visitors or delegations wishing to make a report or request
E.1. Visitors or delegations wishing to make a report or request. 
E.2. Public input on the proposed sale of school property. 
F. Information and Proposals
F.1. Information from TEA, TASB, TASA, ESC,TREA, Consultant or Comptroller, Attorney
F.1.a. Board Training- TREA Virtual Conference
F.2. Non-Staff Communications and reports
F.2.a. Quanah Sports Club
F.3. From Superintendent and Staff
F.3.a. Investment Report
F.3.b. Budget-To-Actual Comparison by Function report
Presenter:  Mrs. Brandon
F.3.c. Campus Activity Accounts
Presenter:  Mrs.Tyler
F.3.d. Market Values of Pledged Securities
Presenter:  Mrs. Brandon
F.3.e. Campus Reports
F.3.e.1. Elementary Principal
F.3.e.2. Middle School Principal
F.3.e.3. High School Principal
F.3.f. Maintenance Report
F.4. Welcome Back Breakfast - August 13th, 8:00 AM, HS Dome
G. Recommended Actions
G.1. New Business
G.1.a. Consideration for approval 2020-21 School Lunch Prices. 
G.1.b. Consideration for approval 2020-21 Student Handbook and Code of Conduct
G.1.c. Consideration for approval Helen Farabee Center MOA for 2020-21
G.1.d. Consider and approve Athletic Handbook
G.1.e. Consider and approve Superintendent Goals and Evaluation. 
G.1.f. Consider and Approve Interlocal Agreement with ESC 4. 
G.1.g. Consider and approve Employee Handbook. 
G.1.h. Approve new bank signatures resolutions. 
G.1.i. Consider and approve taking bids on school owned property, City of Quanah lot numbers: 248,249,250,251,282,283,284,285. 
G.1.j. Consider and approve Quanah High School grade weighting system. 
G.1.k. Consider and approve Employee Electronic Communication policy. 
H. Personnel
H.1. Approve resignations, if any
H.1.a. Ashley Castro, Cafeteria
H.2. Consideration of new personnel, if any
H.2.a.  Bryan Bailey, Elementary SPED
H.2.b. Darby Sparkman, Pre-K
I. Staff/Student Security and Safety Issues
J. Other Business 
J.1. From questions asked by Board Members
J.2. Tentative dates for special meetings in August 2020
J.2.a. August 24th, Budget Workshop
J.2.b. August 31st, Public Hearing
J.2.c. August 31st, Tax Meeting
J.3. Consider other items as may be presented by Superintendent
J.4. Future Business
K. Executive Session
K.1. A. Section 551.071 Consultation with School District's attorney on a matter in which the duty of the attorney to the governmental body under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with the Texas Open Meetings Act specifically including the appointment, employment evaluation, reassignment duties, salaries, discipline or dismissal of a public officer, superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, district directors, counselors, assistant principals, teachers, CFO, coaches, interim superintendent, at-will employees, to hear a complaint or charge against an officer or employee

Section 551.072 A governmental body may conduct a closed meeting to deliberate the purchase exchange,  lease, or value of real property if deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the position of the governmental body in negotiation with a third person

Section 551.074 A Governmental body may conduct a closed meeting to discuss the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, salaries, discipline or dismissal of a public officer. superintendent, assistant superintendent, principals, district directors, counselors, assistant principals, teachers, CFO, coaches at-will employees, interim superintendent or to hear a complaint or charge against an officer or employee

Section 551.076 A Board is not required to conduct an open meeting to deliberate: 1. The deployment or specific occasions for implementation, of security personnel or devices: or 2. A security Audit
L. Adjournment
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