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March 5, 2012 at 6:30 PM - Regular

1. Call to Order
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2. Special Recognitions
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3. Public Comments
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4. Action Items for Consent Agenda
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4.A. Consideration and approval of Minutes
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4.A.1. February 6, 2012 work/study meeting
4.B. Financial Reports
Attachments: (1)
4.C. Presentation of Bills
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4.D. Consideration of audit services from Belt Harris Pechacek, LLLP for the 2011-12 fiscal year.
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5. Request to adopt Resolution Concerning High Stakes, Standardized Testing of Texas Public School Students
Attachments: (2)
6. Request to proceed with proposed e-rate project
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7. Request to approve 2011/12 budget amendments
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8. Disclosure of cooperative purchasing program fees
9. Consider mandatory health class as a local  high school credit 
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10. Administrator Reports
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10.A. ECC - Written
10.B. RES - Written
10.C. RJH - Written
10.D. RHS - Written
10.E. Police Dept. - RISD full exemption racial profiling report - Written
10.F. Superintendent's Report
10.F.1. 15% provision
10.F.2. Feb. 20 staff development
11. Discussion / Information Items
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11.A. Discussion Items
11.A.1. Paperless board meetings
11.A.2. April board meeting(s)
11.B. Information items
11.B.1. Spring Break - March 12-16
11.B.2. FFA Show, parade, barbecue dinner, sale - March 22-24
11.B.3. Bad weather make-up day/holiday - Friday, April 6
12. Executive Session
Description:  Closed meeting will be held for the purposes authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code Section 551.001 et seq. concerning any and all purposes permitted by the Act, including but not limited to the following sections and purposes.
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12.A. Texas Government Code Section 551.071 Consultation with school attorney
12.B. Texas Government Code Section 551.074 Deliberation regarding the appointment, employment, contract, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline,  dismissal of a public officer or employee, or resignation, including the Superintendent.
12.B.1. Administrator evaluations
12.B.2. AESOP attendance reports
12.B.3. Empoyment outside the district
12.B.4. Resignations
13. Action on items discussed in Executive Session, if any
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14. Adjourn
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