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September 19, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. CALL TO ORDER:   Mr. Dusty Wiley
2. INVOCATION: Jennifer Stringer
3. Action Item: Consideration of Consent Agenda
Description:  A consent agenda is an item listed on the regular agenda that groups routine items under one agenda heading.  This allows the Board to take a unified motion and action on all routine items listed under the consent agenda instead of taking separate votes on each item.
3.A. Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes 8-15-2022
3.B. Approval of Special Meeting Minutes 8-30-2022
3.C. Approval of Financial Report
3.D. Approval of Tax Report
4. Comment:  Public Comment
Description:  At regular meetings, the Board shall allot up to thirty (30) minutes to hear persons who desire to make comments to the Board.  Persons who wish to participate in this portion of the meeting shall sign up as they arrive, indicating the topics about which they wish to speak.
Public participation is limited to the designated open forum portion of a meeting.  At all other times during Board meetings,  the audience shall not enter into  discussion or debate on matters being considered by the Board.  No presentation   shall exceed five (5) minutes.  Delegations of more than five persons shall appoint  one person to present their view before the Board.

Specific factual information or recitation of existing policy may be furnished in response to inquiries, but the Board may not deliberate, discuss, or make any decision on any subject not on the agenda.

Presentations  which include negative comments/complaints regarding personnel should be heard in Executive Session as provided by Texas Government Code Section 551.074.  This will insure the protection of the rights and responsibilities of all persons involved.
5. Year End Update
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  Mrs. Hawkins will present a brief update on the 21-22 end of year.
6. Report:  Campus and Administrative Reports
7. Report of State Testing Results for the 2021-2022 School Year
Presenter:  Shannon Henderson
Description:  Districts are required to report State Accountability Ratings to the Board of Trustees each year for the previous school year.  The report will include the State Accountability Rating for our district and campuses.
8. Action Item:  Consideration of Naming Cass County Extension Agents as Adjunct Staff Members for the 2022-2023 School Year 
Description:  Each year the Cass County Extension Agents may be named as adjunct district faculty members with the Board’s approval.  The County Extension Agents hold degrees from accredited universities and have extensive training and experience in providing instruction to children and adults in a variety of settings.  Granting adjunct faculty status to the County Extension Agents allows extracurricular activities and instructional progams sponsored by the Extension Office to fall under the same attendance guidelines as other school sponsored activities.
9. Discussion Item - Short and Long Term Goal Setting for QCISD
Presenter:  Darrian Dover
Description:  Mr. Dover will present the goal documents at the meeting.
10. Executive Session as provided for by the Texas Government Code Section 
       551.074 et seq. to Discuss Personnel
11. Discussion Item:  Personnel
A.  Resignations/Leave
B.  Hiring/Reassignment
Description:  Susan Jackson and Lovie King were hired as paraprofessionals at JK Hileman. 
12. Discuss and agree upon a date for the next regular board meeting
13. Discussion Item:  School Board Convention
Presenter:  Darrian Dover
14. Action Item:  Adjournment

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