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August 30, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Special Meeting

1. CALL TO ORDER:   Mr. Dusty Wiley
2. INVOCATION: Mr. Andy Campbell
3. Hearing: Public Hearing on the Proposed 2022-2023 Budget and Proposed Tax Rate.
Description:  According to state law, the Board must give publc notice and hold a public hearing ont he proposed 2022-2023 budget.  Having followed all legal timelines, the Board should now allow any citizen attending the public meeting to give input on the proposed budget.  No action is required on this agenda item.
4. Action Item:  Consideration of Current Year Budget Amendments for General Operating, Debt Service, and Food Service
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Amendments will need to be made to the 2021-2022 budgets in preparation for closing out the current fiscal year.  The final budget must have enough expense in the appropriations to cover any unexpected/delayed invoices as well as any potential auditor adjustments.  Mrs. Hawkins also requests the board's permission to amend the budget in revenue and expenditure categories as necessary by year-end, without changing the total approved budget,  for emergency purposes only.  Mrs. Hawkins will be available to answer any questions the Board may have with regard to the amendments.
5. Action item:  Consideration of approval of contract with Presence Learning for Teletherapy services for 2022-2023 school year.
Presenter:  Heather Bolt
Description:  Due to the lack of available resources in Speech services for the school setting, Mrs. Bolt is recommending we contract with Presence Learning to provide Teletherapy for our students. The contract will be priced per service for an estimate of $56,700.  These services will be covered by the IDEA B Federal Fund. 
6. Discussion Item: 2022-2023 Budget
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
This will be a brief recap of any changes to the budget  after the approved proposal and to answer any budget questions prior to adoption.  The only significant changes were to payroll due to some adjustments in coding between the Federal Special Education grant and the local funds.  The enrollment estimate was increased to 940 to cover this adjustment.
7. Action Item:  Adopt 2022-2023 Budget for General Operating, Debt Service, and Food Service.
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  The proposed 2022-2023 are presented for adoption for General Operating, Debt Service, and Food Service.  The budgets proposed are all balanced. The food service budget will be provided Tuesday night as we are still working through some options with this budget.
8. Action Item:  Adopt a resolution to set the tax rates for Maintenance and Operations and Debt Service.
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  After adopting the budget, the Board must also adopt a tax rate to support the budget.  The adoption of the resolution sets the rates as follows:
M& O   $.9584
Debt Service   $.048710
Total  $1.007110

9. Executive Session as provided for by the Texas Government Code Section 
10. Action Item:  Adjournment

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