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March 28, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. CALL TO ORDER:  Dusty Wiley
2. INVOCATION:  Michael Henry
3. Action Item: Consideration of Consent Agenda
3.A. Approval of Minutes - February 28, 2022
3.B. Approval of Minutes - March 14, 2022
3.C. Financial Report
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
3.D. Tax Report
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
4. Comment:  Public Comment
5. Report:  Campus and Administrative Reports
5.A. Update on VOIP system
Presenter:  Shannon Henderson
5.B. Facility Report
Presenter:  Darrian Dover
5.C. Campus Reports
5.D. SHAC Report
6. Report:  Financial briefing of the current year and high level view of next year
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  There are still many questions/variables regarding the current year funding and even more for 22-23.  Just to keep the Board in the loop, a recap of these revenue variables, as well as known increases in expenses for next year, will be summarized.  We will also discuss any potential changes  that are still being analyzed at this point. 
7. Action Item:  Approve waiver of Pre K Tuition for employees with students attending the Pre K program
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  The district has historically charged  tuition for all students who did not qualify for free PreK.  To improve employee morale, it was discussed to waive this tuition for any students whose parents/or guardians are employed by the district beginning with the 22-23 school year.  The current tuition charge is $350.00 per month.  This offer is not extended to families of employees, it is only for students whose parents/guardians are employed.
8. Action item: Adopt resolution to convey an easement to the homeowners of the land that is adjacent to the five acres newly identified as QCISD property
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  The Board previously discussed the option of conveying an easement to the Browns in lieu of selling the property.  The resolution is the formal agreement to create this easement and allows Mr. Dover the authority to act on behalf of the District.
9. Action Item:  Consideration of approval of a new Interlocal Participation Agreement (IPA) with the TASB Risk Management Fund (Unemployment Provider)
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  TASB Risk Management Fund has amended its IPA effective May 1, 2022 for all Fund Members.  The law requires that any interlocal agreement be authorized by the Board.  The Fund has not modified the IPA since 2012.
A summary of the changes is attached.
10. Action Item: Consider outsourcing Janitorial Services
Presenter:  Darrian Dover
Description:  As the Board is aware, we have had a tremendous problem in staffing our janitorial department as well as retaining staff once they are trained.  We have not had a full staff the entire school year.  In light of the administrative burden of training and processing new hires so frequently and the inability to keep our buildings clean with the reduced staff, we polled several schools regarding the outsourcing of this service.  The reviews were mixed but all those polled said they would not bring the services back in-house.  We made several contacts but only found one vendor that seemed to fit our needs and this vendor is a TIPS vendor.  They toured our facilities and gave us the attached estimate.  The contract is year to year with the only financial obligation resulting from not renewing the contract is the remaining cost of the equipment.  The cost is approximately $50,000 more than our existing payroll/supplies but in order to master the staffing issue, we would need to raise our compensation scale if we kept it in-house.  This increase would equate to almost the amount of the increase from outsourcing.
11. Action Item:  Cancel Election Scheduled for May 7, 2022
Description:  Place 1 Candidate Laini Simmons, Place 2 Candidate Andy Campbell, and Place 3 Candidate Jonathan Stamore are all unopposed.  Certification of Unopposed Candidates and an Order of Cancelation must be filed with the presiding officer of the political subdivision.
12. Action Item:  Review and approve the Health and Safety Plan.
Presenter:  Darrian Dover
Description:  The plan must be reviewed and, as appropriate, revised every six months until September of 2023.  At this time we are 100% face to face with very few restrictions but would like to keep the attached language just in case we have to pivot for an emergency.
13. Executive Session as provided for by the Texas Government Code Section 
       551.074 et seq. to Discuss Personnel
14. Action Item:  Personnel
A.  Resignations/Leave
B.  Hiring/Reassignment
C.  Consideration of Contracts
Description:  Resignations/Reassignments:
Kendra Clayton, 5th Grade Math
Teresa McCulloch, High School Science

Teresa McCulloch, 1st Grade
Jennie Miller Martin, 4th Grade Science/Social Studies
Jaime Berry, Elementary Math Interventionist
Kendra Clayton, Leadership High School

Contract renewals:
15. Discussion Item:  Discuss and agree on a date for next month's Board meeting.
16. Action Item:  Adjournment

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