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November 15, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. CALL TO ORDER:   Mr. Dusty Wiley
2. INVOCATION:  Mr. Jonathan Stanmore
3. Action Item:  Consideration of Consent Agenda
3.A. Approval of Minutes - October 18, 2021
3.B. Approval of Minutes - October 26, 2021
3.C. Approval of Tax Report
3.D. Approval of Financial Report
4. Comment:  Public Comment
5. Report:  Campus and Administrative Reports
6. Action Item:  Cast votes for the Cass County Appraisal District Board of Directors.
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  As we discussed when the Board nominated the candidates to serve on the CCAD Board of Directors, this year there are six vacancies that need to be filled.  The seventh place is reserved for the tax collector.  Our district has been allocated 1,240 votes which can be split in any matter or may be all allocated to one nominee.
7. Action Item:  Consider an increase in substitute compensation  for support positions (Cafeteria, Custodial) and retro payment for October wages paid to Cafeteria substitute.
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  We did a poll of the surrounding schools and we are well below average in compensation  for Custodial and Cafeteria substitutes.  We currently pay $7.25 an hour.  The average for the schools we polled is $10.00/hour.  

We hired a  cafeteria substitute in an emergency situation in September for two weeks.  We told her the compensation would be considered by the Board in November and if the increase was approved, she would receive a pay adjustment for the rate difference for the hours worked in September. 
8. Action Item:  Resolution to approve the 2021 Tax Roll
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  In accordance with the State Property Tax code, 26.09 (e), the Board must adopt a resolution each year approving the tax roll for the said year.
9. Action Item: Revision to Quotes needed for purchases $49,999-$250,000 (Federal Funds)
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  We are suggesting changes to the Edgar manual as items surface rather than making a massive recommendation at year-end.  
In order to allow flexibility, we would like to amend the quote requirement for Federal Funds for purchases between $49,999-$250,000 from three required quotes to two.  Our best practice will still be to get three quotes, but we would like to lower it to the minimum federal requirement to allow for those situations where we could only get two.
10. Action Item:  HVAC Project
Presenter:  Mr. Dover
Description:  The district requested bids through the TIPS Purchasing Cooperative and received 2 quotes.
11. Action Item:  Administration Building Upgrades/Painting
Presenter:  Mr. Dover
Description:  The district has collected quotes for the removal of wallpaper and painting the interior of the Administration Building.  
12. Action Item:  Demo Bus Purchase to be used as Route Bus
Presenter:  Mr. Dover
Description:  The District has an opportunity to purchase a Demo Bus in the Spring.  The bus will have approximately four thousand (4,000) miles at the time of purchase.  
13. Action Item:  Authorization of laptops and corresponding Google management & protective cases.
Presenter:  Shannon Henderson
Description:  These items were planned for and in the budget for the 21-22 school year, but as required by Board Policy, the procurement of anything over $50,000 required additional board approval.

The District has over 900 laptops at end of life in June.  Through careful planning to dispense end of life device refreshes over time, the District has determined to purchase 425 this year.  Additionally, the plan will call for purchasing 150 per year from 23-24 forward.  The purchase of 425 devices this year keeps our 1:1 program solvent.
14. Action Item:  Amend budget for AT&T Bills related to Internet Access.
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  We have had credits from an ERATE adjustment for internet services for the last several years.  Therefore, we had no YTD expenditures for last year.  As a result, I failed to include the internet services in the budget.  While it is possible that we will have excess budgets in other areas, I recommend the conservative approach of increasing budget 51 for $15,000 for these services.
15. Action Item:  Consideration to commit funds in the 2021 Fund Balance
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  Committed Fund Balance means that the designated portion of the fund balance is constrained to a specific purpose by the board.  The commitment can also be removed by board action at any point if it is decided the constraint is no longer needed.  It does not restrict nor authorize any spending.  It is just a summary of needs/wants that the district may encounter that might require the use of fund balance.  If the district spends only the FB increase added to 2021 for the HVACs and other major projects,  and none of the FB Committed; we have enough to cover 5.25 months of regular operating expenditures.  The recommended is 3 months.
16. Executive Session as provided for by the Texas Government Code Section 
       551.074 et seq. to Discuss Personnel
17. Action Item:  Personnel
A.  Resignations/Leave
B.  Hiring/Reassignment
Description:  Mrs. Karen Tromza is presenting Dr. Kristi Alfara for hire as the new SPED/Dyslexia teacher at the Elementary Campus, primarily.  She may have some assigned duties as MUMS in the future.  She comes to us from North Carolina, but was a student at QCISD for 10 years.
18. Action Item:  Adjournment

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