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July 29, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. CALL TO ORDER:   Mr. Dusty Wiley
2. INVOCATION:  Mr. Michael Wise
3. Action Item: Consideration of Consent Agenda
3.A. Approval of Minutes - June 21, 2021
3.B. Approval of Minutes - July 19, 2021
3.C. Approval of Financial Report
3.D. Approval of Tax Report
4. Comment:  Public Comment
5. Report:  Campus and Administrative Reports
6. Review item:  Quarterly Investment Report
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  It is expected that the district give a quarterly investment report.  Ms. Hawkins should be available to give the report and answer questions, as needed.  There is no action required for this item.
7. Review Item:  Update 117 Local Manual Update and Regulations Resource Manual Update 63
Presenter:  Mr. Dover
Description:  Comparison Policy is attached
8. Discussion Item:  Mini Budget workshop and discussion
Presenter:  Yolanda Hawkins
Description:  Texas Education Code section 44.002 requires the district to prepare a PROPOSED budget by August 20th.  The proposed budget and proposed tax rate must be published in a NOTICE of PUBLIC MEETING at least 10 but not more than 30 days before the date of the hearing.  Since we only have weekly publications, we will need to submit our notice to the Journal by Friday, August 13th to be published Wednesday, August 18th.  Since the regular August Board meeting is not until Monday, August 16th, we need to PROPOSE the budget and tax rates at this board meeting.  The tax rate can change (if needed) after the publication without republishing if the new rate proposed is not increased.  The proposed budget can be modified but the general net position should not be changed significantly without republishing the notice.
We have built a budget to propose but need to discuss several variables and get input from the Board regarding some long term budget options.  We also need to discuss the status of the ESSER grants, how they impact our funding, and the information we are still waiting on from TEA.
9. Discussion Item - Northwest Gate behind New Gym
10. Action Item: Increasing the Adult Meal Prices in the Cafeteria for the 2021/2022 School Year.
Description:  Every year, we are required to evaluate our adult meal prices and determine if we need to increase our prices.  

TDA has created the Adult Meal Price Calculator to use for this purpose. We utilize this tool at the end of each school year to determine what our prices should be in the upcoming year. As we are serving under the SSO guidelines this year in order to provide free meals to our students district wide, we have been given verbal guidance from USDA (according to our ESC Region 8) that we must use Method 2 of the Adult Meal Calculator Worksheet. You will find this worksheet attached to this request along with a confirmation email from Region 8 specifying the use of Method 2.

According to Method 2, this year’s price for an adult lunch should be $4.11 and an adult breakfast should be $2.71.

I am requesting that we raise the adult lunch to $4.15 (previously, $3.75) and the adult breakfast to $2.75 (previously $2.50).

This increase will be beneficial during an audit to show we are responsibly pricing our meals.

11. Action Item:  Consideration of raising the student meal allowance for day trips (athletic /UIL, etc.)

Description:  The meal price per student is $7 at the district level; the meal price per student participating in post-district competitions is $8 (student must have competed and earned a qualifying spot for post-district competition).

12. Action Item:  Consideration of raising the Adult meal allowance for travel not funded with Federal Funds (trainings, conventions) involving overnight travel.

Description:  The current meal allowance is as follows:  Breakfast $6, Lunch $10, Dinner $20
13. Action Item: Consideration of extending Depository Contract
Description:  Pursuant to Texas Education Code Section 45.205(b), a school district and the district’s depository bank may agree to extend a depository contract for three additional two-year terms.  This will be our third two-year extension.
14. Action Item:  Consideration of the PROPOSED Budget
Description:  After input and discussion from the Board, the Board will need to vote to PROPOSE the General Operating Budget based upon the agreed upon assumptions that are identified in the discussion.
15. Action Item:  Consideration of setting the PROPOSED M & O and I & S TAX RATES for 21-22 School Year
Description:  State law mandates each school district to discuss and set a maximum PROPOSED tax rate for the purpose of publishing the notice for the public hearing.  The proposed M&O rate is a function of the compressed values determined by TEA and our proposed M&O rate is actually a slight decrease.  The debt service rate is just a calculation of how much tax needs to be collected to cover our debt payments.  This year’s proposed rate went up slightly.  The total of the two is still a decrease as last year’s rate was a total of $1.00131.
16. Action Item:  Consideration of Setting the date for the Meeting/Public Hearing related to the approval of the 2021-2022 Budget and the 2021-2022 M & O and I & S Tax Rates.
Description:  The Board should consider a date/time for a special meeting related to the approval of the 2021-2022 proposed budget and M & O and I & S Tax Rates.  Ms. Hawkins will be present to help with this particular item regarding timelines and other considerations.
17. Action Item:  Consideration of Accepting Donation from Tony Buzbee
Description:  Mr. Buzbee made a donation of $11,000 to be given this year as follows:  $1000 to each of the 6 QC Alumni Scholarship Recipients and $5000 to the top student going to Texas A&M

In future years, he is going to "match" the scholarship amount given by the alumni association and $5000 to the student going to Texas A&M with the highest ACT.
18. Action Item:  Consideration of Increase of District Contribution for Health Care from $275/per month to $300/per month
Description:  The Alternative Insurance Plan the Board approved in May was targeted by the legislative session.  As it is now, it will only be offered for one year.  Therefore, we will not have it as an available option.  Since the only health care plan available is TRS and the premiums have increased, our insurance does not meet the Affordable Care Act without an increase in the District contributions or pay increases to the lowest paid hourly employees.  After a quick poll of other local schools, it seems the best option would be to increase the contribution to $300.00.  The yearly cost to the district will be approximately $32,700.
19. Action Item:  Approval of the amended National Honor Society Constitution
Description:  Mrs. Ronni Henrico changed a few items on the NHS Constitution.  Mr. Rose has approved these changes, but they must also be approved by Mr. Dover and the School Board.
20. Action Item:  Resolution Prohibiting Non-Enrolled Student Participation in UIL Activities
Description:  The 87th Texas Legislature passed House Bill No. 547 to add section 33.0832 to the Texas Education Code, allowing a public school district to prohibit non-erfolled student participation in the school district's UIL-sponsored activities.
21. Action Item:  Consideration of Safe Return Policy
Description:  Public Hearing:  ESSERR III grant requirements stipulate that an LEA must have a public hearing and invite input for their Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan.  Mr. Dover will provide the plan for comment.
22. Executive Session as provided for by the Texas Government Code Section 
       551.074 et seq. to Discuss Personnel
23. Action Item:  Personnel
A.  Resignations/Leave
B.  Hiring/Reassignment
Description:  High School - Ms. Haley Melton, Math teacher, submitted her resignation on July 22, 2021.

Middle School - Mrs. Stacey Dover was hired as the Math/Reading Interventionist.

24. Action Item:  Adjournment

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