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September 18, 2020 at 9:00 AM - MICU Workers' Compensation Fund Board Of Trustees Zoom Meeting

I. Call To Order
Time: 9:00AM
II. MICU Fund Chair's Welcome
Time: 9:00-9:10AM
Presenter:  Thomas W. Ayers, Fund Chair
II.A. Introduction Of New Trustee Jim English (Calvin University)
III. MICU Fund Administrator's Remarks
Time: 9:10-9:20AM
Presenter:  Rhonda M. Roorda, Fund Administrator
III.A. Minutes Of July 10, 2020 Meeting
III.A.1. Recommendation #1
IV. Update On MICU Fund Procedural Manual
Time: 9:20-9:25AM
Presenter:  Rhonda M. Roorda, Fund Administrator & Shannon Dunivon, MICU Dir. Of Member Services
V. Investment Agent Report - Huntington National Bank
TIme: 9:25-9:45AM
Presenter:  Mark S. Vostrizansky, Vice President & Portfolio Manager
Description:  Huntington Bank
VI. Claims/Service Agent Report - Broadspire Services
Time: 9:45-10:05AM
Presenter:  David Ellinghausen, Account Executive; Joanne Cameron, Account Executive & Beth Misiewicz, Sr. Claims Specialist
Description:  Broadspire Service, Inc.
Time: 10:05-11:00AM
VIII. 2020 Fund Year Business
VIII.A. 2020 Quarterly Estimated Premium Payments
VIII.B. Interim Fiscal Report For The Period Ending August 31, 2020
VIII.B.1. Recommendation #2/#3
VIII.C. Equity Analysis (As Of 6/30/2020)
VIII.C.1. Recommendation #4
IX. Prior Fund Years Business: Declarations Of Dividends & Refunds ($717,015)
IX.A. Background Review Of Fund's Financials
IX.B. IBNR Context (Actuarial Analysis As Of 12/31/19)
IX.C. Recommended Trustee Declarations
IX.C.1. 2015 Final Loss Fund Dividends ($159,746)
IX.C.1.a. Recommendation #5
IX.C.2. 2016 Additional Loss Fund Dividends ($275,000)
IX.C.2.a. Recommendation #6
IX.C.3. 2017 Initial Loss Fund Dividends ($100,000)
IX.C.3.a. Recommendation #7
IX.C.4. 2019 Administrative Fund Refunds ($182,269)
IX.C.4.a. Recommendation #8
IX.D. Process & Projected Timeframe
X. 2019 Fund Year Business: Draft 2019 Federal  Tax Return (No MI CIT Return Required)
XI. Adjournment -11:00AM
(The MICU Fund Annual Zoom Membership Meeting Will Begin After This Board Meeting At 1:00PM)
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