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October 4, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Items to be added:
III. Approve Agenda (BCBH)
IV. Approve Minutes (BCBH)
V. Public Comments (sign-ins) (BCAF)
VI. New Business
VI.A. 2021 MAAP Test Scores
VI.B. General Ledger - August 2021
VI.C. KD (HCHS) - Case #50-16-1-1
VI.D. LP (HCAS) - Case #13-16-1-2
VI.E. KC (HCAS) - Case #8-16-1-2
VI.F. Consent Agenda Items
The items listed below are consent agenda items, which may be approved in one
action of the Board. It is noted that any item may be removed from the consent
agenda for separate action or discussion of the Board. An asterisk (*) denotes an item added to the agenda after the original release on Friday.
VI.F.1. Approve Claim Docket for checks prepared on October 1, 2021, reconciled by the Accounting Department. (DJ)
VI.F.2. Approve Combined Budget Report for year ending June 30, 2021, as prepared and reconciled by George Triggs, HCSD Accountant. (DC)
VI.F.3. Approve request allowing West Harrison High cheerleaders to travel to Birmingham, Alabama on November 13, 2021, to participate at the UCA Alabama Regionals competition. (JMA)
VI.F.4. Authorize Federal Program funds to pay FY21 spring dual credit fees for students eligible through Title IV, free and reduced meals. (IDAG)
VI.F.5. Authorize payment in the amount of $955,758.11 to Wharton-Smith, Inc., for payment #22 - West Harrison Middle School construction project.  (FDGB)
VI.F.6. Authorize Federal Program funds to pay FY22 Fall dual credit and advanced placement fees for students eligible through Title IV, free and reduced meals. (IDAG)
VI.F.7. Authorize payment in the amount of $2,160.00 to MS Foresty Commission for boundary line maintenance on Section 16-6-11 and Section 16-6-9, Harrison County. (EBJ)
VI.F.8. Authorize acceptance of $5,000.00 donation from Scarlet Pearl Casino to D'Iberville Elementary, D'Iberville Middle, and D'Iberville High School for school activities. (DFK)
VI.F.9. Approve English Language Learner (EL) grading policy change as necessary for MSIS transcript GPA calculations for EL students, as follows: 
English Learner students grades 7-12 in credit bearing courses: 
A: 100-90
B: 89-80
C: 79-70
D: 69-46
F: 45-0
VI.F.10. Approve request to extend homebound instruction due to medical condition for River Oaks Elementary students # 20063 and #25689. (IDDC)
VI.F.11. *Authorize payment not to exceed $25,000.00 in Case File #AAI-0038655, as recommended by Associated Adjusters for bus accident on September 15, 2021. (EG)
VI.G. Discipline Committee Decisions (JCCA)
VI.H. Approval of the following:
VI.H.1. Personnel (GBD:GBQ)
VI.H.2. Lowest Quote (DJED)
VI.H.3. Single Source (DJED)
VII. Executive Session - Potential Litigation - Construction Projects
VIII. Executive Session - Personnel Issue 
IX. Adjourn

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