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June 28, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Items to be added:
III. Approve Agenda (BCBH)
IV. Approve Minutes (BCBH)
V. Public Comments (sign-ins) (BCAF)
VI. Old Business
VI.A. Adopt 2021-2022 Budget
Attachments: (1)
VII. New Business
VII.A. First Reading - Alternative School Student Handbook 2021-2022 (GAAB)
Attachments: (1)
VII.B. Emergency Crisis and Response Plan Annual Review (EBBAD)
VII.C. First Reading - Policy and Policy Reviews - Section J
Attachments: (4)
VII.D. Award Athletic Bids (DJED)
VII.E. Award Bid - Privilege of Keeping District Funds (DG)
Hancock Whitney Bank
Bancorp South Bank
The First, A National Banking Association
The Peoples Bank
VII.F. Consent Agenda Items
The items listed below are consent agenda items, which may be approved in one
action of the Board. It is noted that any item may be removed from the consent
agenda for separate action or discussion of the Board. An asterisk (*) denotes an item added to the agenda after the original release on Friday.
VII.F.1. Approve Claim Dockets for checks prepared on June 25, 2021, reconciled by the Accounting Department. (DJ)
VII.F.2. Authorize payment in the amount of $1,600.00 to Valbridge Property Advisors for certified appraisal conducted, and accept appraised value conclusion for easement agreement on 16th Section Land at Three Rivers Road for MS Power Company. (EBJ)
VII.F.3. Approve Perpetual Easement for street right of way with City of Gulfport - Landon Road widening project for tract located at Anchor Development -East lease, and MidSouth Rail/KCS.  The project was approved by the School Board and appraised value accepted on March 23, 2020.(EBJ)
VII.F.4. Approve agreement with Ocean Springs School District for student transfers from one district to another with tuition rate of $600.00. (JBDC)
VII.F.5. Approve agreement with Pascagoula-Gautier School District for student transfers from one district to another with tuition rate of $2,000.00. (JBDC)
VII.F.6. Approve Change Order #1 in the amount of $40,850.00 to Starks Contracting Co., Inc., for labor, materials, and equipment necessary to fabricate and install new hurricane rated aluminum walkway canopy over existing ADA ramp at Lyman Elementary. (DJED)
VII.F.7. Authorize payment in the amount of $58,020.94 to Gulfport Police Department for services of five (5) School Resource Officers during April 1-June 30, 2021. (FDGB)
VII.F.8. Approve agreement with the City of Gulfport for reimbursement of law enforcement officers for the FY2022 school year. (1 sergeant and 5 police officers) (EBE)
VII.F.9. Authorize payment in the amount of $33,229.35 to Samuel B. Day Construction for final pay application #9 - Harrison Central High new entry gate project. (FDGB)
VII.F.10. Authorize payment in the amount of $962,011.89 to Wharton Smith, Inc., for pay application #20 - West Harrison Middle School new construction project. (FDGB)
VII.F.11. Authorize payment to Servpro of Biloxi-Ocean Springs-Gulfport for professional services rendered after strong wind storm caused damage to D'Iberville Middle School and gymnasium. (wind and water damage) (FDGB)
Invoice 4314 - $4,079.44
Invoice 4202 - $11,072.09
VII.F.12. Approve payment of annual dues in the amount of $11,345.41 to Mississippi Treasury Department for participation in group purchasing cooperative for food and supplies for FY2022. (DJ)
VII.G. Approval of the following:
VII.G.1. Personnel (GBD:GBQ)
VII.G.2. Lowest Quote (DJED)
VII.G.3. Single Source (DJED)
VIII. Adjourn

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