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May 3, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Items to be added:
III. Approve Agenda (BCBH)
IV. Approve Minutes (BCBH)
V. Public Comments (sign-ins) (BCAF)
VI. New Business
VI.A. Award Reverse Auction Bid - Desktop Workstations for West Harrison Middle School (DJED)
VI.B. Award Reverse Auction Bid - Smart Interactive Displays for West Harrison Middle School (DJED)
VI.C. Review Policy - JBCDA
VI.D. Approve First Reading Policies and Policy Reviews for Section I
VI.E. Financial Statements - March 2021 (DIB)
VI.F. Adopt Salary Schedules for 2021-2022 SY (GBA)
VI.G. Consent Agenda Items
The items listed below are consent agenda items, which may be approved in one
action of the Board. It is noted that any item may be removed from the consent
agenda for separate action or discussion of the Board. An asterisk (*) denotes an item added to the agenda after the original release on Friday.
VI.G.1. Approve Career and Technical Education (CTE) Local Plan Application for fiscal year FY2022, (DFCAA)
VI.G.2. Approve request from HCSD Testing Department to shred outdated test data materials and documentation.
VI.G.3. Authorize payment in the amount of $56,186.90 to Gulfport Police Department for five (5) School Resource Officers services provided January 2021 - March 31, 2021. (EBC)
VI.G.4. Approve Addendum to existing Memorandum of Understanding with Gulf Regional Planning Commission to provide temporary web hosting services for the electronic GIS school district maps. (MOU approved on March 15, 2021) (JBC)
VI.G.5. Approve request to extend homebound services due to medical condition for the following students: (IDDC)
West Wortham student #4745
North Woolmarket student #28044
VI.G.6. Authorize payment in the amount of $410,052.00 to Starks Contracting Co., Inc. payment #17 - North Gulfport K-8th Additions and Renovations. (FDGB)
VI.G.7. Authorize payment in the amount of $1,745,420.12 to Wharton-Smith, Inc., payment #18 - West Harrison Middle School construction project. (FDGB)
VI.G.8. Approve agreement with Pass Christian School District for transfer students from one district to another with tuition rate of $1,500.00 per student. (JBCD)
VI.G.9. Authorize payment to Hardy and Associates/Architect, PLLC for professional services rendered as follows: (FDGB)
DMS Gymnasium Roof Damage          $690.00
North Gulfport Roof Repairs                 $57.50
Woolmarket Elementary Roof Repairs $86.25
Harrison Central High Roof Repairs     $115.00
D'Iberville Elementary Roof Repairs     $57.50
River Oaks Elementary Roof Repairs   $115.00
Saucier Elementary Roof Repairs        $230.00
VI.G.10. Approve Claim Docket for checks prepared on April 23, 2021 and April 30, 2021, reconciled by the Accounting Department. (DJ)
VI.G.11. Approve request to allow D'Iberville Explorer Club to travel to New York City, Boston, and DC, during May 31, 2021-June 6, 2021. (IFCB)
VI.G.12. Approve affidavit for removal of property from Central Office fixed asset inventory for items obsolete or broken beyond repair. (DM)
VI.G.13. Accept recommendation from Associated Adjusted and authorize payment in the amount not to exceed $25,000.00 as settlement for Cause #AAI-0038281-W06.
VI.G.14. Approve request to allow Harrison Central High School Band to travel to Washington, D.C. on July 2-5, 2022 to participate in the National Independence Day Parade.  Harrison Central High School was nominated by City of Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes. (IFCB)
VI.G.15. Approve Hurricane Zeta labor cost as detailed with Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). 
VI.G.16. Authorize payment in the amount of $8,925.00 to Albert Necaise, Attorney at Law, for General Matters invoice #10873 (SPED)
VI.G.17. Approve request to allow Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum to use two (2) school buses for student transportation during the 2021 summer camp programs. (EDDA)
VI.H. Discipline Committee Decisions (JCCA)
VI.I. Approval of the following:
VI.I.1. Personnel (GBD:GBQ)
VI.I.2. Lowest Quote (DJED)
VI.I.3. Single Source (DJED)
VI.J. DM - Case #293-16-2-2
VI.K. SH - Case #294-16-2-1
VI.L. ST - Case #328-04-2-2
VI.M. JL - Case Number 221-30-1-2
VI.N. LB - Case #300-36-2-2
VI.O. SW - Case #209-36-2-1
VI.P. Mr. McKinney Harris, Parent
VII. Adjourn

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