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April 12, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Items to be added:
III. Approve Agenda (BCBH)
IV. Approve Minutes (BCBH)
IV.A. Minutes - March 15, 2021
IV.B. Minutes - Special Called Meeting, March 31, 2021
V. Public Comments (sign-ins) (BCAF)
VI. Old Business
VII. New Business
VII.A. Marty Hardy, Architect
Construction Project Update - West Harrison Middle School (EBJD)
VII.B. General Ledger - February 2021 (DI:DJ)
VII.C. Award Bid - Furniture for North Gulfport K-8th and West Harrison Middle School (DJED)
VII.D. Award Bid/Reverse Auction- Summer Reading Kits (DJED)
VII.E. Consent Agenda Items
The items listed below are consent agenda items, which may be approved in one
action of the Board. It is noted that any item may be removed from the consent
agenda for separate action or discussion of the Board. An asterisk (*) denotes an item added to the agenda after the original release on Friday.
VII.E.1. Authorize request for proposal for FY2020 National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance Grant for School Food Authorities in the amount of $20,781.25.  Grant application completed by Bradley Barlow, Child Nutrition Director. (DFF)
VII.E.2. Authorize payment in the amount of $1,500.00 to Valbridge Property Advisors for certified appraisal conducted on 16th Section Land currently leased to John Tampa, Anchor Development. (FDGB)
VII.E.3. Approve Claim Dockets for checks prepared on March 19, 2021, March 26, 2021, and April 2, 2021, as reconciled by the Accounting Department (DJ)
VII.E.4. Approve affidavit for removal of property from HC Child Development Center fixed asset inventory for item #7001737, which is broken beyond repair. (DM)
VII.E.5. Authorize payment in the amount of $123,269.47 to Harrison County Board of Supervisors for School Resource Officers reimbursement for third quarter 2020-2021. (8 deputies, 1 supervisor) (FDGB)
VII.E.6. Authorize payment in the amount of $1,000.00 to Larry P. Saucier Surveying, LLC, for survey conducted railroad right-of-way for Harrison County Development Commission and Kansas City Railway (FDGB)
VII.E.7. Authorize payment in the amount of $3,750.00 to MS Forestry Comission for professional services rendered - timber sale and presale on Section 16, Township 5 South, Range 11 West, Harrison County. (FDGB)
VII.E.8. Authorize payment in the amount of $154,517.40 to Mississippi Municipal Workers Compensation for final quarterly payment - invoice #0106WC2020-6. (FDGB)
VII.E.9. Authorize Federal Programs to expend Title IV funds to pay FY21 - 4th quarter Spring classes Advanced Placement and Dual Credit fees for students eligible through free and reduced meals. (FDGB)
VII.E.10. Approve request to allow Federal Programs department to destroy/shred records dated before SY2013-2014 and rid any obsolete or outdated materials. (CNB)
VII.E.11. Authorize payment in the amount of $182,509.61 to PowerSchool for License and Subscription fees for March 31, 2021 - August 31, 2022, student data system. (FDGB)
VII.E.12. Authorize payment in the amount of $1,030,801.79 to Wharton-Smith, Inc. for pay application #17, West Harrison Middle School project. (FDGB)
VII.E.13. Approve request to add Oak Drive, Saucier, MS to school bus turn-around list, as requested by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors. (EDAF)
VII.E.14. Authorize payment in the amount of $54,362.00 to Advantage Roofing & Construction of LA, Inc., for emergency repairs to D'Iberville Middle School, as necessary after severe storm damage on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.  It is noted, Roy Gill, Superintendent of Education, polled each of the Board members individually to delcare the State of Emergency.  All members responded AYE. (FDGB)
VII.E.15. Authorize North Gulfport Middle School to accept donation in the amount of $1,000.00 from Beverly Coleman, NGMS Alumni. (DFK)
VII.E.16. Authorize payment to Advantage Roofing & Construction of LA., Inc. for roofing repairs caused by Hurricane Zeta, as follows: (FDGB)
Saucier Elementary                   $155,176.00
D'Iberville Elementary               $5,600.00
Woolmarket Elementary            $4,200.00
Harrison Central Elementary     $44,564.00
D'Iberville Middle                       $91,302.00
Harrison Central High                $78,772.00
D'Iberville Elementary                $98,094.00
VII.E.17. Approve request to extend homebound services for the following students due to medical condition: (IDDC)
VII.E.18. Authorize to advertise reverse auction bid for school bus cameras for the Transportation Department. 
VII.E.19. Authorize to request from the Harrison County Sheriff's Department a School Resource Officer for West Harrison Middle School beginning the 2021-2022 school year.
VII.E.20. * Authorize emergency replacment of roof at D'Iberville Middle School gymnasium due to storm damage on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.  A temporary roof was installed but did not hold-up during more recent severe weather. 
VII.F. Discipline Committee Decisions (JCCA)
VII.G. Approval of the following:
VII.G.1. Personnel (GBD:GBQ)
VII.G.2. Approve Personnel for 2021-2022 School Year
VII.G.3. 2021-2022 Personnel recommendation  - David Ladner recused
VII.G.4. Lowest Quote (DJED)
VII.G.5. Single Source (DJED)
VII.H. Mindy Torres - Appeal Case #100-04-3-2
VII.I. David Watson - Appeal Case #247-40-2-2
VII.J. Delicia Sparkman - Appeal Case #250-30-2-2
VII.K. Destiny Thomas - Appeal Case #295-02-3-2
VII.L. Mary Stokes - Appeal Case #000-50-2-1
VII.M. Shemika Booker - Appeal Case #246-08-2-2
VII.N. Christine Berray - Appeal Case #269-16-1-2
VII.O. Riva Beech - Appeal Case #268-16-1-1
VII.P. Nyia Walker - Appeal Case #271-16-2-2
VIII. Executive Session - Contract of Employment for Superintendent of Education
IX. Adjourn

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