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November 4, 2020 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Items to be added:
III. Approve Agenda (BCBH)
IV. Approve Minutes (BCBH)
V. Public Comments (sign-ins) (BCAF)
VI. Old Business
VI.A. Adopt Policy and Policy Reviews - Sections A & B
VII. New Business
VII.A. Darrell Saucier Grant Recipients (GADD/DFF)
VII.B. Harrison County SD Refunding Notes (DFD/DFE)
VII.C. Marty Hardy, Architect
Construction Projects Update (FI)
VII.D. Hurricane Zeta (E)
VII.E. MS Coast Coliseum and Convention Center (IHFD)
VII.F. Consent Agenda Items
The items listed below are consent agenda items, which may be approved in one
action of the Board. It is noted that any item may be removed from the consent
agenda for separate action or discussion of the Board. An asterisk (*) denotes an item added to the agenda after the original release on Friday.
VII.F.1. Authorize payment in the amount of $866,401.72 to Wharton-Smith, Inc., for pay application #12 - West Harrison Middle School construction project. (FDGB)
VII.F.2. Authorize D'Iberville High School volleyball team to request use of facility and waive fees for their annual banquet at D'Iberville Community Center on November 11, 2020.
VII.F.3. Authorize payment in the amount of $28,641.23 to Biloxi Public Schools for HC Youth Dention Center expense in excess of revenue limited by State Department. (one fifth share) (FDGB)
VII.F.4. Approve request to allow Harrison Central High cheerleaders to travel to Orlando, Florida on February 3-9, 2021 to participate in the UCA National Cheer competition. (JMA)
VII.F.5. Authorize payment in the amount of $58,598.78 to D'Iberville Police Department for School Resource Officers, July 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020. (FDGB)
VII.F.6. Authorize payment in the amount of $800.00 to MS Forestry Commission for professional services rendered on 16th Section School Trust Lands, which include technical assistance, site prep, mid-rotation and chemical application (16-6-13, 16-6-12, 16-5-12, 16-5-11). (FDGB)
VII.F.7. Authorize payment in the amount of $74,575.00 to Central Access Corporation for Marathon Annual License and Support. (FDGB)
VII.F.8. Approve Claim Docket for checks prepared on October 23, 2020 and October 30, 2020, reconciled by the Accounting Department.  (DJ)
VII.F.9. Approve request to extend homebound services due to medical condition for the students listed.  Documentation is provided and on file at the individual school. (IDDC)
Three Rivers - Student #14134
North Gulfport - Student #1410270
Harrison Central High - Student #9743
North Gulfport - Student #19566
VII.F.10. Authorize Federal Programs to use Title IV funds for advanced placement and dual credit fees for students eligiblie through free and reduced meals during the 2nd quarter of FY21. (DJ)
VII.F.11. Approve School Recognition Program being awarded in accordance with MS Code Ann. 37-19-10, and will be paid on November 6, 2020 to eligible employees as detailed on the attached documentation. (award year 18-19) (JF)
VII.F.12. Approve renewed 16th Section Land Lease with Ronnie and Katherine Brewer.  Section 16, Township 6 South, Range 12 West, Harrison County, land and lake lease off CC Camp Road, Gulfport. 
VII.F.13. Authorize to request assistance from the Harrison County Board of Supervisors for removal of storm debris from all campuses. (E)
VII.G. Discipline Committee Decisions (JCCA)
VII.H. Approval of the following:
VII.H.1. Personnel (GBD:GBQ)
VII.H.2. Lowest Quote (DJED)
VII.H.3. Single Source (DJED)
VIII. Adjourn

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