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September 20, 2018 at 10:00 AM - OCASD Commission Meeting

Description:  10:00-10:05
Welcome to this meeting of the Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is an open meeting with time set aside on the agenda for public participation. If you would like to address the Commission during public participation, please fill out a card by the door and hand it to the administrative assistant, Mary Richards.  
Description:  10:05-10:10
The agenda needs to be approved by members.  The Chairman, Nancy Lawson will note anything that needs to be added, moved, or deleted from the agenda as presented.

MOTION: Approval of the Agenda
I move the Commission approve the agenda as presented (or modified).

Description:  10:10-10:15
The minutes from the July 19, 2018 OCASD meeting are included in the meeting packet for review and approval.

MOTION: Approval of Minutes
I move the Commission approve the July 19, 2018 minutes as presented (or modified).  

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4. LEG DAYS - SEPT 25th & 26th
Description:  10:15-10:30 Mary Richards
Mary has put together a calendar of meetings that have been set up with legislators on Sept 25th and 26th.  She concentrated on members who were on the following committees: House & Senate Health Care  House Education, Joint Ways & Means, Finance & Revenue or are on the Minority and Majority Leadership teams. If you would like to attend the meetings on one or both days, please let Mary know and she will add your email  to the appointments.

An additional attachment was added with all the scheduled hearings during Leg Days, in case there is time between meetings.
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Description:  10:30-10:45 Nancy Lawson and Linda Roman
Nancy and Linda will give the Commission an update on the progress toward the approval of a new EO.  Attached is the draft positions revision completed in June, the expanded preamble completed in June,  and the preamble language sent to Nancy via email from Linda.  
Attachments: (3)
Description:  10:45-11:10 Nancy Lawson
Nancy will discuss the talking points for Legislative Days.  The meetings are only 15 minutes long, so it is important to stay on topic, watch your time, and be respectful of other people who are waiting to talk with legislators.  Mary will prepare the talking points, a calendar for the day and  a copy of the 2018 Governor's Report to leave with each legislative office.

Talking points to discuss include: 1) passage of new OARs and Implementation; 2) Differential DX Training Modules (spin off); 3) progress of new EO; and 4) delivery of Governor's report.
6.A. Passage of New OAR's:
6.B. Differential  DX Training Modules-Spin Off:
6.C. Progress of New EO-Commission Recommendations:
6.D. Governor's Report:
Description:  11:10-11:15
A limited amount of time has been set aside for the public to address members of the Commission.  When making a comment or voicing a concern, it is especially helpful to provide possible solutions.  If anyone has filled out a card and would like to address the Commission, please step forward and state your name and address for the record.
Description:  11:15-12:00
Each OCASD workgroup liaison will give the Commission an update of their workgroup membership and meeting schedule as well as a report on any meetings held the last OCASD meeting in July.  
8.A. Identification WG Update:
Description:  Joyce Bernheim will give an update on the progress being made in the Identification Workgroup.
8.B. Education Workgroup:
Description:  Brad Hendershott will give the Commission an update on the progress of the Education Workgroup.
8.C. Heatlh Care Workgroup:
Description:  Michele Raddish will give the Commission an update on the progress of the Health Care Workgroup.
8.D. Systems Collaboration Workgroup:
Description:  Corey Stump will give the Commission an update on the progress of the Systems Collaboration Workgroup.
8.E. Supports Workgroup:
Description:  Nancy Lawson will give the Commission an update on the progress of the Supports Workgroup.
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Description:  12:00-12:30
Description:  12:30-12:45 Brad Hendershott
Brad will give the Commission an update on the new website.
Description:  12:45-1:10  Nancy Lawson, Brad Hendershott, and Linda Brown
Nancy, Brad, and Linda will give the Commission an update on the process for implementing the new OAR.
Description:  1:10-1:30
12.A. Fiscal Agent-Remuneration:
Description:  If Jaime Daignault, the Commission's fical agent, is able to attend Nancy will introduce her and she can answer questions about remuneration (stipends).  Attached is her presentation.
Attachments: (1)
  • 9/19/2018 at 11:09 PM
12.B. Zoom Procedures:
Description:  The OCASD currently only has the basic single use option for Zoom. This means that only one group can use the program at the same time.  Nancy is asking that if you have an alternate option from your work or person account, to please use that for workgroups.

Please do the following before you set up a final meeting date with your workgroup.  
1.  Check on BoardBook to see if a meeting is already scheduled during the time slot you were planning.
2.  If no meeting is in conflict, put your basic meeting information into BoardBook (Date, Time, Place) and save it so that other people can see when your meeting is planned.
3. Do not book over another meeting unless you have an alternate option for using Zoom.
4. Go into Zoom using the set up a meeting, then copy and paste the meeting into into an appointment.
5. Invite all workgroup members to the meeting using your appointment with Zoom info included.
6. Don't wait until the last minute, if you need assistance you can call Mary Richards at 503-881-2408 
7. Mary doesn't look at her personal email every day, so if you contact her through her email address please make sure you do so with plenty of time for a response-her email address is .
Description:  Time:

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