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May 13, 2021 at 12:00 PM - Governing Board Meeting

I. Public Hearing- Revised Budget
Presenter:  Mark Ollerton
II. Call to Order
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Roll call of Members
Presenter:  Board President
V. Statement of Welcome
VI. Call to the Public (Each speaker is limited to three (3) minutes.  Before you speak, identify yourself by clearly stating for the record your name and address.  If you wish to speak on an agenda item, please complete a Public Participation Form listing the agenda item by number and title that you would like to discuss.  Give the form to the Board Secretary and the Board President will call upon you at the appropriate time.  Action taken as a result of public comments or requests regarding items not listed on the agenda will be limited to directing the staff to study the matter or reschedule the matter for further consideration at a future Board meeting.
VII. Reports
VII.A. Superintendent
Presenter:  Hollis Merrell
VII.A.1. District Report
VIII. Approval of Agenda Order
IX. Consent Agenda
IX.A. Personnel - The Board may vote to discuss the matters under Personnel.  Mr.  Merrell in Executive Session pursuant to A.R.S. '38-431.03(A)(1), Personnel.
IX.A.1. New Employees
IX.A.1.a. Katherine Winder - Junior High Resource Teacher
IX.A.1.b. Daneen Gerber - Taylor Elementary Preschool Instructional aide
IX.A.1.c. Nathan Penrod - Snowflake Junior High Instructional Aide
IX.A.1.d. Tara Nezzie - JOM Paraprofessional
IX.A.1.e. Anastasia Dill - Custodian
IX.A.2. Resignation
IX.A.2.a. Becky Morelan - Snowflake Junior High Instructional Aide
IX.A.2.b. Britney Haught - Taylor Intermediate Health Tech / Attendance Clerk
IX.A.2.c. Cynthia Owens - Snowflake Junior High Instructional Aide
IX.A.2.d. Danielle Hess - Snowflake High School Business and English Teacher
                          FBLA Advisor
IX.A.2.e. Jonathan Smith - Snowflake High School Math Teacher
IX.A.2.f. Katherine Zeman - Taylor Elementary Instructional AIde
IX.A.2.g. Lacey Merrill - Taylor Elementary Instructional AIde
IX.A.2.h. Miriam Chelsey - Taylor Elementary Instructional Aide
IX.A.2.i. Taegun West John - Snowflake High School Instructional Aide
IX.A.2.j. Jeff Brinton - Taylor Intermediate 4th Grade Teacher
IX.A.2.k. Jarrett Richardson - Snowflake High School Science Teacher
IX.A.2.l. Sarah Miller - Occupational Therapist
IX.A.3. Transfer of District Employees
IX.A.3.a. Jarret Brimhall - Transfer from Distance Learning Instructional aide to Title I EL Instructional aide
IX.A.3.b. Harlie Jackson - Taylor Elementary ELL Instructional aide to Taylor  Elementary Kinder Aide
IX.A.3.c. Breyan Flake - Transfer from Highand Primary 3rd Grade Teacher to Taylor Intermediate 4th Grade Teacher
IX.A.3.d. Merry Hatch - Transfer from Taylor Elementary SPED Instructional Aide to Taylor Elementary Preschool Instructional Aide
IX.A.3.e. Amber Apalategui - Transfer from Taylor Elementary Preschool Instructional Aide to Taylor Elementary Title I Instructional Aide
IX.A.4. Taylor Elementary Retention List
IX.A.5. Snowflake High School Club Sponsor Handbook Revisions
IX.A.6. FFA fundraiser - Plant sale
IX.A.7. Elimatination of Mask Requirement
Presenter:  Hollis Merrell
IX.B. Financial
Description:  The Following financials  are being submitted for the Board's approval
IX.C. Minutes
Description:  The Following minutes are being submitted for the Board's approval
IX.D. Donation of Cement Tunnels
IX.E. Kaylee Traver - Early Graduation
IX.F. Snowflake Junior High Retention List
X. General Functions
X.A. Retire - Return to Work Policy 2nd Reading
Presenter:  Hollis Merrell
X.B. Snowflake Headstart Intergovernmental Agreement
Presenter:  Hollis Merrell
X.C. 12 Passenger Van Bid
Presenter:  Mark Ollerton
X.D. Revised Budget 
Presenter:  Mark Ollerton
X.E. FY 22 Satellite IGA
Presenter:  Mark Ollerton
X.F. FY 2022 Transportation Contract Renewal
Presenter:  Mark Ollerton
X.G. Physical Therapy Services
Presenter:  Hollis Merrell
X.H. Arizona School Board Association - Policy Advisory 679
Presenter:  Hollis Merrell
Description:  Emergency advisory - No first reading
X.I. Results Based Funds
X.J. FY 2022 Food Service Contract Renewal
Presenter:  Mark Ollerton
X.K. Write Tools Training Stipend
Presenter:  Jason Owen
X.L. Performance Matters
Presenter:  Jason Owen
X.M. Updated Extra Duty Salary Schedule
Presenter:  Hollis Merrell
X.N.  Executive Session pursuant to A.R.S. '38-431.03(A)(1), Student Discipline
Presenter:  Hollis Merrell
X.N.1. Pupil Disciplinary Hearing
Presenter:  Hollis Merrell
X.O. Superintendent's Performance
(The Board may vote to discuss this item in Executive Session Pursuant to A.R.s.§38.431.03 (A)(1), Personnel.)
Presenter:  Board Members
XI. Adjournment
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