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March 10, 2021 at 5:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Description:  Members present, members absent, staff members present
Discussion:  Ashley, Kevin, Amy, Renee, Alan, Jacob, Coby
Visitors - Mr. Bob Templeton, Mr. Jason Pool, Mr. Thance Springer, Trina, Valerie, Tammy, Darla, Barbara, Jacob, Robyn, Rae Ann, Harold, 
5:01 pm
Discussion:  Kevin Ware
5.A. Employees of the Month
Presenter:  Mr. Todd Southard
5.A.1. Mrs. Tammy Morgan and Mrs. Rae Ann Strittmatter
Presenter:  Mr. Todd Southard
Discussion:  Tammy and Rae Ann - Tammy was left in charge during pandemic issues with Todd and Dr Colson.  Tammy dealt with insurances companies, contractors, etc. 
Rae Ann building hit hard with cold weathers.  Rae Ann and teachers came up to bat during a difficult situation
Discussion:  No one signed up and no one one line
7.A. Minutes from February 10, 2021 and February 24, 2021
Discussion:  Motion by Kevin and second by Ashley carried 7-0
7.B. Statement of Impact
7.B.1. UT Tyler University Academy
8.A. Review Revised Demographics Study
Presenter:  Mr. Bob Templeton
Discussion:  centurion american develop - at last meeting someone brought up the contractor.  Demographic study didn't not reflect it because it was in Celina ETJ.  Revised study due to the new development.  

Bob Templeton presented.  Path of growth heading up north - Mobberly farms  1800 lots - Centurion American will bring in multiple builders.  Have broken ground - 10,000 homes for the whole mobberly project.  Realistically impact PPISD 2023 school year.  # of lots will hold an Elementary School
Yarbrough Farms - 341 total lots approximately 60 homes currently occupied.
Mustang Creek 64 total lots 
Lakeview Estates 47 total lots
Future Residential Activity - Pilot POint 113  367 total future lots - DR Horton - first lots delivering Spring 2022 
  Hills at Pilot Point - 33 total lfuture lots  developer 2023
  Hat Creek Estates  215 future lots no time line
  Rodeo Crossing  83 total future townhomes no time frame
  McCutchin Tract - 673 total acres  possible build out 2023
Venable Ranch
Double Gate
Massey Road
Dripping Springs
St. James Road
Pedigo Tract
FM 1385 and FM 455
Tracking a lot of future building and growth.  Rural nature / charm 
MUD's require legislative action - Bryson Ranch, Talley Ranch, Four Seasons Ranch
two levels of forecasts - 
130 lots that will impact the district in the next 1-2 years
several hundred lots that will likely impact the district in 2022

3 active subdivisions 

Check with Lake Ray Roberts Zoning commission - Craig Bickers is on the Board
8.B. Child Nutrition Report
8.C. SRO Reports
8.D. Maintenance/Repair District Update
Presenter:  Dr. Harold Colson
Discussion:  From 
8.E. Superintendent's Report
Presenter:  Mr. Todd Southard
8.E.1. Covid Update
Discussion:  Only two cases since we have been back.   Pelzel Pharmacy has worked with the district to help provide our staff who wanted the vaccinations.  All staff that wanted were scheduled through this week. 

Russell has helped tremendously 
8.E.2. Long Range Planning Committee Meeting Update
Discussion:  Dates messed up - regroup and meet with VLK on Friday
8.E.3. Enrollment Report
Discussion:  Enrollment up 5 from last month.  1335
8.E.4. Where we are right now 
Discussion:  Todd - Where we are right now.  Was done back in October - 
Working hard on budget - changed philosophy from where were in the past.  Looking at line by line item - absorbing ones rarely used.  
Pay scales and compensation - have reviewed every employees pay in district.  Looking at absoring approx. $400,000
Look at everyone calendars;
Head nurse position will be housed at MS - trying to get away from secretary/receptionist giving out meds
Transportation - interim transportation director; installed security cameras at the bus barn
Safety and security - defender training through Pilot Point is set up
Will add a 3rd SRO for next year.  
Campuses - all day PK sign up will beging 4/8
CTE courses offered for next year:  Professional Communication, Money Matters, principles of Info Tech; pre athletics
Dyslexia teacher on site at the MS; split the position of counselor/instructional coach at MS
Limited the sharing between campuses - as in band instructors
9.A. Discuss and Consider Winter Storm Emergency Resolution
Presenter:  Mr. Todd Southard
Discussion:  Resolution basically ensures when we are out due to Covid or weather that our people continue to get paid.  

Ashley motion Jacob seconded 7-0
9.B. Discuss and Consider TEA Missed School Days Waiver
Presenter:  Mrs. Tammy Morgan
Discussion:  Tammy missed school waiver - TEA guidance inclement weather
February 11 & February 12 - were claimed as Covid days - switched to remote instruction
2/15 teacher workday non make up
2/16-2/19 missed school waiver

Kevin - seconded by Amy 7-0
9.C. Discuss and Consider District Mask Policy for 2020-2021
Presenter:  Mr. Todd Southard
Discussion:  Governor Abbott - no masks
TEA says everyone has to wear masks unless the district makes a local decision

Faculty has been vaccinated; discussion.  We will still social distance?  We will still do temperature checks and cleaning.  

Amy make a motion to make mask policy OPTIONAL ; seconded by Kevin  7-0
9.D. Discuss and Consider Memorandum of Understanding with NCTC for Dual Credit Partnership
Presenter:  Mr. Jacob Williams
Discussion:  Mr. Williams is asking to continue partnership with NCTC for dual credit.  Have issues with concerns with NCTC teachers been addresses.  Open communication with NCTC now. 

Jacob Stuckly motion - Alan second  7-0
9.E. Discuss and Consider Drug Testing Policy Revisions
Presenter:  Mr. Jacob Williams
Discussion:  Mr. Williams - committee with Coach David and Athletic Trainer Jessica Peters.  3rd offense.  IF student tests positive 3 times need to address mental health issues as well.  Proven that removing students that are at risk will move them toward dropouts  - 4th offense 365 suspension   Focus on mental health.  Try to get in front of that.  

are we seeing an increase of vape pens with THC is a felony.   Drug information programs possible in the future.  Access has gotten easier.  

Kevin motion Coby seconded 7-0
Presenter:  Mrs. Barbara Ettredge
10.A. Discuss and Consider Budget Amendments
Discussion:  no budget amendments
10.B. Discuss and Consider Donation Summary
Discussion:  no donations
10.C. Discuss and Consider Financial Reports
Discussion:  Slightly under collecting revenues from this point last year.  Expenditures approximately $300 more from this time last year.  This year we have purchased a bus and some assets for the Ag department.  
Cash position by bank account - we are right on track, good, solid with the bank.  Starting to look at stale check list.  

Bonding capacity should go up with the number of homes that are anticipated.  John Martin is working on getting updated information. 

Coby motion - Ashley second 7-0

10.D. Review Check Payment List
Discussion:  3 payments made to debt service interest payments
$7,204 wiring plugs for welders
$104,662 long horn bus sales delivered 
Sanger ISD DAEP first semester payments
VLK future project study
Discussion:  6:30 p.m.
11.A. Texas Government Code § 551.072 - Deliberation regarding real property; Texas Government Code § 551.074 - Considering the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignments, duties, discipline or dismissal of a public officer or employee or to hear complaints or charges against a public officer or employee; Texas Government Code §551.076 - Considering the deployment, specific occasions for, or implementation of, security personnel or devises; Texas Government Code § 551.082 - Considering discipline of a public school child, or complaint or charge against personnel; and Texas Government Code § 551.0821 - School Board; personally identifiable information about public school student
11.A.1. Employment
Discussion:  Open Session 7:32 p.m.
Motion by Coby to approve the new hire list as presented.  Mrs. Ashley Dennis seconded.  7-0 
Motion by Mr. Coby to approve the contract renewal list as presented.  Mrs. Amy McEvoy seconded  5-0-2 Jacob and Alan abstained
11.A.1.a. Executive Director of Administrative Services
11.A.1.b. Intermediate School Principal
11.A.1.c. High School Assistant Principal
11.A.1.d. Middle School Assistant Principal
11.A.1.e. Intermediate School Assistant Principal
11.A.1.f. Elementary School Assistant Principal
11.A.1.g. Elementary School Counselor
11.A.1.h. Intermediate School Counselor
11.A.1.i. Middle School Counselor
11.A.1.j. High School Counselor
11.A.1.k. Elementary/Middle School Nurse
11.A.1.l. Intermediate/High School Nurse
11.A.1.m. Athletic Trainer
11.A.1.n. Elementary School Professional Employees
11.A.1.o. Intermediate School Professional Employees
11.A.1.p. Middle School Professional Employees
11.A.1.q. High School Professional Employees
11.A.2. Resignations
11.B. Consider and Take Possible Action for Matters Discussed in Closed Session
Discussion:  Adjourn:  7:35 p.m. Motion by Jacob second by Coby 7-0
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