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October 14, 2020 at 5:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Presenter:  Mrs. Renee Polk
Description:  Members present, members absent, staff members present
Discussion:  Todd, Harold, Barbara, Tammy, Trina, Jacob, Rae Ann, Darla, Robyn, Becca Bradley, 
Presenter:  Mrs. Renee Polk
Presenter:  Mrs. Darla Wooten
Discussion:  Mrs. Darla Wooten, Intermediate School Principal - what students learned about respect.  Video
5.A. Employees of the Month - Mr. Alan Dane
Presenter:  Mr. Todd Southard
7.A. Discuss and Consider Approval of the 2019-2020 Financial Audit
Presenter:  Mrs. Barbara Ettredge
Discussion:  Mr. Dan Tonn - Hankins, Eastup, Tonn, Seay - audit went very well - no problems or issues while conducting the audit.  completed on time.  The district had a good year financially.  Excellent financial condition.  Independent Auditors report - unmodified report -  

Page 19 Fund Financial Statements - individual funds of the district - primary fund is general fund, debt service fund, special revenue funds - (grant funds, child nutrition fund, etc.)
Total fund balance in general fund 8.3 million.  Money set aside each year for assigned fund balance - turf, bus purchases, etc. 
page 21 One time projects 1.3 million
Debt service fund in good shape went from 1.3 million to 1.9 million
Child Nutrition fund has a balance of 11,500 - positive number - a lot of districts have a deficit in their fund due to covid issues and not serving as many meals. 

Page 17-18 Government wide Financial Statements - combined has capital assets, long term debts, teacher retirement system OPEB liability, 
Net position is right at 3 million - positive number - many districts have a negative number.  This will help on the FIRST rating. 
Page 31 - footnotes
page 42, added 1.2 million in capital assets   District is very conservative in the bond position and in good shape.  
8.A. Minutes from September 9, 2020 and September 23, 2020
9.A. SRO Reports
9.B. Solar One Update
Presenter:  Dr. Harold Colson
9.C. Strategic Plan Update
Presenter:  Ms. Trina Brown
Discussion:  Made sure added additional details, added implementation date, status and timeline review - 
9.D. Superintendent's Report
Presenter:  Mr. Todd Southard
9.D.1. Where We Are Right Now
Discussion:  Where we are in the district - transportation, maintenancce.  30, 60, 90 day plan.  Communication - every morning a email is sent.  A few quick things.  Power meetings Central Office Admin, 4 on 1 meetings - Principals and Todd; Department heads individually, Board members individually, teacher voice

Get Out campaign.  Central office visible on campuses.  
Employee of the Month - one day free day off

Curriculum and Instruction - principals walkthrough each teacher each six weeks, changed programming of STEP/Life Skills at Middle School, CTE courses will be added at the Middle School next year along with 8th grade English and arts. 

ES and IS already started on assessments - ES TRPI one on one assessment with each student.  Beginning of the year math - students are behind, but not as far as principals were afraid of.  Teachers have students identified - Bearcat time is tutoring time.  1 1/2 block of Readling Languare Art and 1 1/2 Science. 

IS assessments done - students are ok and have done beginning of the year assessments.  From BOY to first six weeks, students have increased.  Focus time, stations time
Identified Title one math and reading students.  Title One helps with foundational skills, and Focus is working on Grade Level skills. 

Teachers Voice additional help for teachers - tutoring

Staffing - reviewing staff pay and work calendars.  Trying to simplfy - look at what individuals do and match that to a calendar.  Can post jobs on Region 10 as well as Region 11
Budget and Procedures - can now order from Amazon; changed up quote requirements, credit cards were given out to maintenance, AG teachers, campuses.  Met with financial advisor - debt analysis of the district - trying to budget for everything.  Would like to set up and give paraprofessionals a raise next year.  Focussing on that.  Transportation - fully staffed. Only back up driver is Pam - working on getting others with CDL; accurate up to date list of vehicles/ video system in every bus with the exception of three/initiated a bus checkout system/ basic first aid/stop the bleed - training completed 10/12
Working on maintentance department.  if something needs to be done, get it done.  staggered schedule so that someone is in the district until 4:30 each day.  Maintenance will have uniforms - shorts and shirts.  Thngs to do differently next year, realignment of campuses, facilities planning.
Safety and Security have SRO at all home games MS and HS
Technology - valerie doing excellent job. 
Sub training - switched to ESS - subs are a difficult situation currently.  
9.D.2. Covid-19 Response Update
Discussion:  No positives today - current number 16 at HS; 1 MS; X IS; X ES total of 23

Governor Abbott, TEA, TDEM announce COVID-19 Rapid Testing Pilot Program for Texas School Systems.  Still getting information - need to explore and see.      

9.D.3. Enrollment
Discussion:  Current enrollment 1363.
10.A. Discuss and Consider TEA Extended Closure Waiver for High School
Presenter:  Mr. Todd Southard
Discussion:  TEA grants 5 consecutive days without waiver; however anything more than that requires a waiver.  By closing through the end of this week, the High School will be closed for a total of 7 days.  This is an overabundance of caution for our students and staff. 
10.B. Discuss and Consider Revision to Student Handbook
Presenter:  Dr. Harold Colson
Discussion:  Dress Code, you have to make everything gender neutral.  Our dress code and handbook was sent to legal for review.  Suggestions were made by legal gender neutral wording.  
If corrections are made, it will be replaced in the handbook.  

Can athletics have a different policy - athletics is a priveledge not a right.  Be mindful to keep as neutral as possible.  
10.C. Discuss and Consider Amendment to District of Innovation Plan
Discussion:  HB 1842 created the district of innovation plan that was created to give districts a little more control.  Wanting to add teacher certifications to the district of innovation plan to make it easier to find teachers.  
10.D. Discuss and Consider the Campus and District Improvement Plans
Presenter:  Campus Principals
Discussion:  MS Double block math for all students other than Algebra
IS included and added a title 1 math for a full day
HS focus on CTE
ES extra bearcat time
11.A. Discuss and Consider Budget Amendments
Presenter:  Mrs. Barbara Ettredge
11.B. Discuss and Consider Approval of Donation Summary
Presenter:  Mrs. Barbara Ettredge
11.C. Discuss and Consider Approval of Financial Reports for September 2020
Presenter:  Mrs. Barbara Ettredge
Discussion:  General Fund Summary collected a little less this year from this time last year.  Last year collected 23% of budgeted revenue.
Expenditures last year 2.8 this year 3. million - all payments to contractors for Band Hall have been made.  Waiting for quotes on cameras for the Band Hall. 
Last year we hade spent 17.8  this year 20.6 of budget.  Good shape
Cash position by Bank - waiting for the last budget adjustments based on the audit then rollfowards will be made.  At the close of 9/30/202 we are up $300,000 from 2019
I & S almost doubled from last year. 
Child nutrition - 38 to 34,0000
11.D. Discuss and Consider Quarterly Investment Report
11.E. Discuss September 2020 Check Payment List
Discussion:  4th quarter appraisal fees, entry fees, classroom supplies, teaching supplies, officials, security
Prom refunds - 
bus parts, AC parts, Matt Lawrence and Mr. Davis doing great job.  Finding materials and doing most of the work themselves.
Denton County Special Education Coop final payments for 19-20 school year & VI billing
Post jobs on region 10 website - 
GBC laminator for the MS
12.A. Section § 551.071 -  For the purpose of a private consultation with the Board's attorney when the Board seeks advice about pending or contemplated litigation or a settlement offer, or when the attorney will have an ethical duty of confidentialityTexas Government Code § 551.072 - Deliberation regarding real property; Texas Government Code § 551.074 - Considering the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignments, duties, discipline or dismissal of a public officer or employee or to hear complaints or charges against a public officer or employee; Texas Government Code §551.076 - Considering the deployment, specific occasions for, or implementation of, security personnel or devises; Texas Government Code § 551.082 - Considering discipline of a public school child, or complaint or charge against personnel; and Texas Government Code § 551.0821 - School Board; personally identifiable information about public school student
12.A.1. Deliberation regarding retention of a third-party, independent investigator to review allegations asserted by employee.  
12.A.2. Employment
12.A.3. Resignations
12.B. Consider and Take Possible Action for Matters Discussed in Closed Session
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