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July 21, 2022 at 9:30 AM - Special Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Consideration to Approve Agenda
3. Opportunity for Audience
Any citizen who would like to address the Board will be able to do so as the item on the regular agenda.  Comments will be limited to 2 minutes per subject.  If further time is needed, concerns should be addressed to the Superintendent.  Personnel matters will not be discussed in a public meeting.
Items that appear under the heading Routine and Regular Business will not be discussed or comments taken unless it is requested that they be removed from that category and placed on the regular agenda.  Action on Routine and Regular Business will be acted upon with one motion and one vote.
Discussion:  Julie Klein - Library Media Assistant - Salary Schedule for librarian no recognition for years of service. Bachelors and Masters.  Not a substantial bump up.
Maaike Thomas - Masters Level Social Workers - 20 years - least appreciated positions in the District.  Felt very valued and appreciated at one time.  devalue and unappreciated. both social worker and counselors should be paid on the same higher pay schedule. Requires additional masters degree.  Do generate medical funding. increase job responsibility.
Amanda Henry - social Workers; meeting opened up - good enough during pandemic; Counselors and social workers do things above and beyond. job duties will not decrease. very unvalued.  cant turn away a child, find mental health for kids. Devalued.
Edward Soto - Elementary school counselor/social worker (always been recognized as) - doing the counselor job and have been trained as so.  mandatory training. If we are seen and train us as counselors that we be compensated as counselor.
Lisa Clothier - Master social worker, work at Sunset and Monterrey - alternative licensure; not able to get the license. Do feel devalued. It is unfair to have to get another degree. 
Megan Perez - Head nurse for school district- no additional compensation for the title. 47, 444. visits to the nurses office just last school year did not include COVID.  Additional responsibilities and deserve compensation. Based off of levels..degrees. thru PED....
Yvette Franco - new school nurse at PRL - changes coming, no room to grow financially with schedule proposed. being asked to perform more tasks (MEDICAID), but not being compensated.  Its a pay cut. Could make more money at hospital and traveling. difficult to want to stay.  Carry own mal practice insurance.  
Amy Andrews - Office Specialist Secretaries - look at line number 2; degree must be in a line of study in business degree; Associates of Arts - different categories that are not being honored. 

4.A. Salary Schedules as negotiated with National Education Association (NEA). (ACTION)
Presenter:  Lisa Robinson, Director of Human Resources
Discussion:  Suggest some changes to be made.  Go back into a whole new ratification.   - Have to do another negotiation meeting.  Option..
Robbie - vote yes or no. salaries will be put on hold.....MOU - work on for a year looking at reexamining pay scales.  clarity: Motion to approve with instructions to enter into MOU with the union to address the salary schedules for the group that have indicated concerns, nurses, counselors and social workers. conclued in a month? and bring to the Board.  will work very quickly to 

NOt ac
4.B. Salary Schedules as negotiated with AFT/CFUSE (ACTION)
Presenter:  Lisa Robinson, Director of Human Resources
4.C. Salary Schedules for non-bargaining units (ACTION)
Presenter:  Lisa Robinson, Director of Human Resources

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