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December 16, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Consideration to Approve Agenda
3. Opportunity for Audience
Any citizen who would like to address the Board will be able to do so as the item on the regular agenda.  Comments will be limited to 2 minutes per subject.  If further time is needed, concerns should be addressed to the Superintendent.  Personnel matters will not be discussed in a public meeting.
Items that appear under the heading Routine and Regular Business will not be discussed or comments taken unless it is requested that they be removed from that category and placed on the regular agenda.  Action on Routine and Regular Business will be acted upon with one motion and one vote.
Discussion:  Carrie Thatcher - JMA for 11 years, Special Ed and Regular education.  Worked with all students.  Regional Fair competition has increased through the years for State and Regional Fair.  Special Education and Regular students have won multiple awards. 2020 Engineering Science Field.  JMA has been a study body of accepting each other.

Lori Mitchell - Certified Teacher Librarian - CMS for 11 years, - Immediately surprised by how large the library was.  High regard for literacy. 20 books for students,  JMA has 30 books for students.  Pleased to be part of a school that has a great vision.  Happy to follow the vision of Kelli Barta.  With encouragement and support is enjoying serving all students 1-12.

Jillian Harper - seen JMA through different lenses.  No doing well in education, but his education has turned around at JMA, has resources needed.  JMA is an amazing resource for these kids.  A wonderful play for students (250). JMA is something is special for them. Provides an unique place for those students.

Becky Miller - former JMA student and now teacher. JMA ability to inspire and help them grow into great adults.  Many opportunities, had unique individual relationships with staff and other students.  Double bachelors.  JMA provides what others cannot be offered any where else.  Returned to join the staff.  JMA culture and environment.

Neal Appel - wife at JMA 28 years. methology - tying to achieve, self motivated, self     respectful, whole child development.  Fundamental principals.  Learning at your own pace independtly. No child left behind and encouraged to go on.  Goal ensure each and every student gets the best opportunity.  How parents want their kids educated.  Thank you for supporting the school.

Ryan Helmer - former students of JMA 20-21 graduate - attended 6 years. ROTC, 4 year to RIT - quirky , smart and unique students.  JMA 8 international - NM academy of science journal seen other classmates be successful.  academic success, challenging home lives, only school of choice and home to many.
4. REPORTS: Introduction by Jefferson Montessori Academy regarding Stipulated Agreement for Local Charter School Renewal - (up to 10 minutes)
Presenter:  Board President
Discussion:  Ms. Matthews - Matthews Fox Law Firm - The Stipulation - term of charter - 5 year team is important; provide information to the Board, why 5 years is deserving.  Renewal; term; look forward.  why 5 years makes sense. there is not an existing contract. Performance Frameworks (difficult to evaluate within the two years requested).  Renewal of 3 years only means 2 years of performance. Baseline - two years is not practical or fair to the board, also not fair to the school that they can perform.  timeframe under the law is 5 years for charter renewal , contemplated - point out - no legal basis in statue to give the charter school a shorter term, they have not violated any of the reasons for non renewal.  Performed in good faith in the last 5 years.  Less than 5 creates  - could you get programs and momentum. disruptive for staff and families. consider to grant the school a full five year term.  A lesser term is just not feasible.  Under statute.....

Ms. Kelli Barta - Celebration hearing from these students.  Carrie Thatcher - outstanding NM Teacher of the year.  Great things are happening at JMA.  Fran McCarthy - supportive Administrator.  Catherine Brown - will be sending an email; Townsend, Gary Kernan, Ron Griggs,.

Information about the Montessori Method - way of learning and teaching is not for everyone kids. Children must be respected.   Children spontaneously (248) learn.  No classes are being thought by substitutes - 45 % certified in Montessori method certified.  elementary rooms have one assistant; currently are offering on campus offering dual credit, .. collaborative. grades 1 2 3 together, new gifted program by certified  and English language learners.  after school programming, successful long term partnership with Chevron - 100,000.00 for brand new stem lab, partnership based on atleast 5 years, 40,000 for year to keep stem lab upgraded.  new roof, new paint, new furniture, new stem room, work collabartively with CMS.   curriculum is reacher based follow common core and standard based.  new electives, theater, forensic science.  charter ap renewal - data in there.  opportunity to demonstrate Montessori - consider a five year renewal for JMA.
5. REPORTS:  Recommendation by Administration regarding Stipulated Agreement for Local Charter School Renewal of Jefferson Montessori Academy (up to 10 minutes)
Presenter:  Board President
Discussion:  Geno Zamora - Ortiz & Zamora Law Firm - Board counsel for CMS District. Renewal application. we represent 25 school districts.  Heard incredible feedback from JMA students, staff and parents.  
Review Stipulation Final 
Shoup - if it works what are the sticking points; through the stipulation - move through and go on.  grading scale - after 5 years is difficult - how to move forward- data for two years per ms. barta.
Framework in statute - meet negotiate and fine tune (it has to be customized). 
the default law is 5 years -  3 years with one year renewal; part of questions - data - to make sure that everything is on track - that why there is 3-5.  - meet and work the stipulations,, expectations and data required by March 15, to get to the five years. - understand playing fields, data collected, what will be in the annual review.  - Chacon - no matter what term is chosen - deadline is March 15, (deadline is very short) agreeing with the stipulation.  We are agreeing to provide additional time.  tinkering the beginning no contract in place.   Shoup - important relationship and for community - recommending 5 years.  Singleton - on the board since JMA began completely blown away with that JMA was facing. - encouraged the Board to move them to their current building.  this is going to be a problem to a new board on January1, he would like to vote for 5 years.   Have been to their graduations, and ceremonies.  and we need the charter.  New Board responsilbity to renew the charter.  No reason to delay.  Pet Project - Great program - does a great service and a great administrator.
Lewis - Did not know much about JMA - tonight was very eye opening and to see what they have accomplished.  Something to be very proud out. whatever sticking points are lets get these kids educated.  hurdles in education, adults seem to get in the way, we were children at one time.  get on with business. 

hiccups that occur with new board - applications, renewal, contract is due......old election system that was the same board.  Identified something very important, this board will make the decision with the question in term, the next board will approve the contract that governs that contract.  NMPED should unify that decision process.
6. BUSINESS:  Discussion and Action by CMS Board of Education regarding Stipulated Agreement for Local Charter School Renewal of Jefferson Montessori Academy (ACTION)
Presenter:  Board President
Discussion:  Washburn - turning over board;;;;; was only concern on a new board. - March 15 and cannot agree, and go to PED, that is correct. Deision out of our hand and place with NMPED.

Chacon - Motion to renew for 5 years. - Motion Carries - all voted unanimously.
Discussion:  Motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Singleton - Motion passed.

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