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September 8, 2021 at 12:00 PM - Special Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Consideration to Approve Agenda
3. Opportunity for Audience
Any citizen who would like to address the Board will be able to do so as the item on the regular agenda.  Comments will be limited to 2 minutes per subject.  If further time is needed, concerns should be addressed to the Superintendent.  Personnel matters will not be discussed in a public meeting.
Items that appear under the heading Routine and Regular Business will not be discussed or comments taken unless it is requested that they be removed from that category and placed on the regular agenda.  Action on Routine and Regular Business will be acted upon with one motion and one vote.
4.A. Resolution Authorizing the Issuance Lease Purchase Agreement and Educational Technology Notes (ACTION)
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
Discussion:  Resolution authorizing  - Art Melendrez - bond counsel - Eric - financial advisor -  
Erik - approved necessity in July - Final price - state treasurer - true interest 0.133% - one day loan - closes October 20, 2021 - Payment date October 21, 2021..... interest cost $33.25 loan interest for the overnight cost.  
4.B. Initial Budget - Carl D Perkins Secondary Redistribution- Pecos Cyber Academy (BAR #0004-IB) (ACTION)
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
Discussion:  Initial Budget -  Carl D. Perkins Grant - award given to Pecos Cyber Academy last fiscal year and the balances were included  - transaction not complete prior - need board action $33,330 for professional development.
Discussion:  Motion to Adjourn - by Mr. Singleton

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