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January 19, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Consideration to Approve Agenda
Presenter:  Board President
3. Approval of Minutes of Previous Board of Education Meetings
4. Opportunity for Audience
Any citizen who would like to address the Board will be able to do so as the item on the regular agenda.  Comments will be limited to 2 minutes per subject.  If further time is needed, concerns should be addressed to the Superintendent.  Personnel matters will not be discussed in a public meeting.
Items that appear under the heading Routine and Regular Business will not be discussed or comments taken unless it is requested that they be removed from that category and placed on the regular agenda.  Action on Routine and Regular Business will be acted upon with one motion and one vote.
Discussion:  Item # 5 - Opportunity for Audience - 
5. REPORTS/RECOGNITIONS: 1) School Board Members Recognition 2) Devon 3) Superintendent's Report
Discussion:  Superintendent Washburn presented his report first to provide information regarding our schools. COVID update - still a long ways away from being eligible to attend school as per state mandate.  November 10 , line that was drawn is not equitable .  asked for dispensation, but not word yet. Jan 1 - Jan 19, (27 staff cases).  984 case count still high. survey to teachers - who will be vaccinated - 27% yes 27% no 34% unsure.  67 staff registered to take vaccine. anticipate around 200 wanting to take vaccine. 69%.  70% staff still want to return when allowed.  - current state guidelines only can offer in person instruction on a 5-1 basis to Special Education Students. and 5-1 Pk-3rd.  - Mon/Tue anticipating a notice from Ed dept. No timeline or indicators....  - hope to bring seniors back on 5-1 setting and students be allowed to resume athletics and activities.  No idea when or if students will be able to resume activities. need to provide where students can be together. policy changes and considerations for the future.  (ask Gerry for his slide show).
What does fairly soon mean?  This is NOT the schedule... - a possible idea -  5-1 is very difficult for districts and teachers can only do so much.  doing 5-1 and online teaching will burn out our teachers.  Hobbs and Artesia have struggled with this schedule.If we remain online all year we will have to set something up to bring back struggling students 5-1.  Quarantine rules need to be adjusted and changed.  CARES ACT incentive for staff to have vaccine?  Recognition of Devon by Kim Arrington  - Shannon Johnson from Devon Energy - community relations - donated 8,000 to 4th and 5th graders will have a kit to do a science experiment at home. - 2 board members NMSSA - emplyary award to Robert Chacon .  Simon Rubio - leadership achievement awards. 
6.A.1. Authorization to pay bills, approve District Cash report, approve Budget Report for the previous month and accept donations as included within the agenda.
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
6.A.2. Monthly Vendor Spend Reports
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
6.A.3. Title i - Budget Increase
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
6.A.4. McKinney Vento - Budget Increase
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
6.A.5. McKinney Vento - BAR Maintenance
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
6.A.6. FY21 New Mexico Pre-K Grant Budget Decrease
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
6.A.7. IDEA-B (24106) FY 2020-21 - Decrease BAR 0031-D
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
6.A.8. Budget Increase - Private Grant Fund (BAR #0033-I)
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
6.A.8.a. Motion to approve Routine and Regular Business:
Presenter:  Board President
6.B. Initial Budget - Chevron Donations (AR #0032-IB) (ACTION)
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
Discussion:  Chevron Donations - initial budget  - 2 donations first !32,381.89 support of Achievement  - 25,000 support of STEMprograms.
6.C. Rescind Award for RFP 2020-2021-13 Integrated Pest and Weed Control Services (ACTION)
Presenter:  Crystal Hernandez, Chief Procurement Officer
Discussion:  Crystal Herndez - rescind award - Integrated Pest Management - vendor contacted - after investigation - proposal was not received by procurement. - to remedy situation - reques tto rescent award.
6.D. Re-Award of RFP 2020-2021-13 Integrated Pest and Weed Control Services (ACTION)
Presenter:  Crystal Hernandez, Chief Procurement Officer
Discussion:  6D - Reaward for RFP  - awarding to both offerors.
6.E. CARES ACT, Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) AWARD (2020-21 SY) (ACTION)
Presenter:  Allison Hervol, Director of Federal Programs
Discussion:  Allison Hervol - Governors emergency relief - only be spend for internet access for students. - hot spots .
Discussion:  Eric Spencer - support seniors for 20-21 - fulfill state required competencies. pandemic has provided  - meet competencies. state mandated testing.  - provide credit towards competency.  colleges looking for accredited diploma and also SAT or ACT for admission. national trend are making the tests optional for admission.
7.A. Support High School Senior for School Year 2020-21 (ACTION)
Presenter:  Eric Spencer, Director of Secondary Education
Discussion:  Dr. Washburn - resolution to the board recognizing the benefits of local  - attending meeting throughout the fall and winter a task force. pursue an independent college. resolution recognizes the benefits to purse independence.  will be presented to higher ed committee.  Robbie - several community members - John Heaton, Craig Stephens - research on accrediation.and credit. (already separate).  Ron - this committee meets regularly - we are their advisory board.  tribute to a lot of educators. passes legislative process - approximate one year transition - August 2022 would start as an independent college. 
8.A. Approval of A Resolution Recognizing The Benefits of A Local Independent Community College in Carlsbad. (ACTION)
Presenter:  Gerry C. Washburn, Superintendent
Presenter:  Board President
10. EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Motion by the Chair to dismiss to Executive Session by roll call to discuss limited Personnel Matters.  The specific statute authorizing closing is NMSA 1--15-1 (H) (1) No action will be taken in Executive Session.

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