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December 17, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
Presenter:  Board President
2. Consideration to Approve Agenda
Presenter:  Board President
3. Opportunity for Audience Comment

For this special meeting, this opportunity for audience comment is intended to allow members of the audience to present their comments regarding Pecos Connections Academy's application for local charter school renewal.  However, any topic may be raised by an audience member.  All comments are subject to the following conditions:

  a.  Any member of the public who would like to address the Board will be able to do so
       at the time that this agenda item is called.
  b.  Comments will be limited to 2 minutes per person and there will be no sharing of
  c.  Personnel matters about identifiable individuals will not be discussed in a public
Presenter:  Board President
Any citizen who would like to address the Board will be able to do so as the item on the regular agenda.  Comments will be limited to 2 minutes per subject.  If further time is needed, concerns should be addressed to the Superintendent.  Personnel matters will not be discussed in a public meeting.
Items that appear under the heading Routine and Regular Business will not be discussed or comments taken unless it is requested that they be removed from that category and placed on the regular agenda.  Action on Routine and Regular Business will be acted upon with one motion and one vote.
Discussion:  Merry  Prewitt - PCA family - with them for 4 years. passionate  - letter provided - keep PCA close knit between teachers and family.  Had previous determental stress in brick and moartar schools.  ahead by 2 years than other schools. happy with pecos connections and treat our children in the best interest for them.

Rep Gallegos - has not done a lot , but has a lot of call from people of Lea County  how important it is to Lea County. support continuation of PCA.

Greg Maxey - NEA NM members - this school serves a potitive function. Concerns - PCA operated as a private academy, but receive State funds. Parent company (no bids) $300,000 project with no bids. no procurement code. Pearson stepped in. urge district to look and modify issues - follow state procurement code. Employees are silenced. - 1 year extension and all transparency. 

Bob Chambers - Gpa of 2 students in PCA - education needs are being met? quality of education is within reach  - Grandson has excelled in program and granddaughters is now in. - all things are great. - assigned teacher who interact with students. basic curriculum and acquiring skills. thrilled with program and progress grandchildren have made.  Implore CMS Board to continue.

Valentine Anaya - online since 6th grade, will graduate next year (Socorro school district)  - daugher was being bullied, she worked it out and is doing better now, issues with special needs students. issues resolved instead of brick and moatar schools.  a lot of siutation that online schooling can address.  Admin issues need to be worked out. many parents testimony to support PCA.

Manuel & Melanie Ybarra - Las Cruces,  - PCA daughter had a hard time learning and went to PCA - NMCA - New Mexico Connection Academy - enrolled daughter first time in 7 year earning straight A's.  aced Math - PCA for 3 years and contiues with straight A's.  First graduation class top 5%. Enroll son - life threatening peanut allergy. NJHonor Society today inducted.

Jennifer Aarnos - 

Sadie Wheeler - teacher at PCA - interactions with students unmatched - students success is unmatched.  amazed self advocacy of students. 8th grade student son - he struggled before and now with PCA. after one semester with PCA grown as a student and person.  he can go at his own pace, no other stuents causing problems and making him lose purpose. PCA makes her son flourish. they are growing, learning and success.  PCA is needed.

Chanel Anaya - Christy Anaya - daugher Chanel is a 5th grader - started in 2nd grade. asthma, sleep apnia, because of her sleep disorder  - flexibility of on line classes, teachers record lessons and no matter what hours she can always do her work.  daughters education has not suffered because of her disability.

Eleverto  Frescus- both students in PCA - set up in special program in Reading program prior to review. he is not right under grade level which is wonderful.  older son is now enrolled 7th grade - the curriculum is far beyond where they have been in brick and moatar school.

Addison Dominguez - brother started 2 years ago - she started last year. - really happy in school and loves teacher, much better education thatn brick and moatar school.

Jacob  - Tammy Huckabee - 3 children in PCA - Santa Teresa, NM - daughter making c and d's in regular school and now asked to join Honor Society.  Teachers are so helpful. (214) online - making fun of and now learning and distracted by other students. 2 others are Juniors and are excelling at PCA. wanted out of regular school, alcohol in classroom, drugs and happy to be at PCA.

Jennifer Aarnos - 
Kimberly Key - 2 kids in PCA - 4 years enrolled - negative experiences in brick and moarter schools - alternative - PCA - ranch in Artesia - kids help work on family ranch and education is invaluable - work on their own time and learn things they can learn in a school.  family is together - COVID - we just kept going in the swing of their school room . 15 year teacher in the classroom. struggle in this COVID time. - teachers are amazing and teachers are their top priority.

Vanessa Salinas - Aaron Salinsas - 6 and 9 year olds - son nervous about attending - step daughter in school and son in PCA - teachers look out for students.  daughter is strugging because of COVID with her lessons.  children can work at their own pace on PCA.  makes learning enjoyable  - enrolling daugher in PCA this is what will help her. Son is loving and excelling.

Frank Shope - grandson raising - PCA 5th grade - misrable in regular school - now in 8th grade and is excelling at PCA - learned how to study , how to focus - sped dept is excellent.

Savannah Morris - rylee Morris - Socorro, NM - PCA governor's challenge among the winners - floor plans for firefighters - school as helped academically. borhter in 4th grade, sister will graduate this year. big help in our lives expceially with COVID.  allowed her to move up and grow herself as a student.

Tracy Reiner -  daughter for 2 1/2 years - Taos currently - love this school - family circumstances, film maker - find this school incredibely necessary. especially because of COVID and teachnology.  It's a good place and necessity of virtual education.

Kelley Salaz - raised two children in regular school and last child - visual impairments (3rd Year) in PCA - happy , gets work done, stomach issues, and does his work when he can despite impairments.  love this school and teachers. open eyes to necessity is.

Kaityn Vigil - PCA student - 3 years - beneficial impact on her education. - honors courses, 19 and 2020 stem challenge won. - extended absence but with 100% conveneince kept in school without falling behind.  small town opportunities are limited - able to participate personalized learnign opportuties - offering national honor society. COVID did not affect, we are just continuing as usual. Las Vegas, NM

Lynda Griego - ABQ - daughter 5th grade, attending since 1st - needed alternative solution - found PCa - above and beyond provided by Sp Ed. Dept. - front line nurse - PCA means so much to her family.

Jennie Troy - of Las Cruces- 13 year so with pc beginning 4 year. Filed complaint with PED bc of son's struggles. School helped them with PED complaint. PCA was audited bc of her son. Son is still attending and school is beneficial to families needing flexibility and staff has been very helpful. Corrections have been made and is happy with how school is being run. Online school is a necessity these days.

Ashley Guerra - Albuq, NM - has been a success for her children since 2016. Students enrolled for 5 years children are thriving. Parents are very much involved. Dailly life lessons are taught by teachers and are really helpful. Teachers are available for all support. . COVID - no missed days, and no issues. Praise PCA

Charlie Moreau - students with challenges - major concerns - child has no issues - always ahead - watching him go at his speed. education is spectacular  - grateful for this program and hope you continue it going.

Brayden Roybal - Belen NM - ever since  regular school struggled - PCa 2 years ago made more simple. PCA teaching ways is probably one of best ever seen.  Helped with Math, SS and journalism. PCA has definetely unlocked mind to open and and see things I could not do.  Great experience .

Mr. Richard Stephens - Carlsbad - son and duaghter enrolled at PCA  - Son will graduate - daugher in 9th. - work through issues and allow students to succeed.

Daniel Vonderhaar - STEM group - at PCA and is excelling  - continue the charter.

L. Todd - 34 year of teaching - 7th year at PCA- high school math teacher - curriculum is set for student - work at own pace - top notch quality curriculum for every class. what othe online school offers that?  Met all requirements - huge impact on all their students lives. - student issues can't attend regular school - allows students to shine.  - administration team has done well - and also teachers.  

4. REPORTS:  Presentation of Administration Analysis of Pecos Connections Academy Application for Local Charter School Renewal - LaVern Shan (up to 30 minutes).
Presenter:  Lavern Shan, Deputy Superintendent
Discussion:  LaVern Shan - presentation of Slide Show - Marie will provide copy of presentation.
Laura - financial performane of review - based on standards meets in all areas - goal number 5 - all on presentation - will copy some.

Justin Gossett - Special Education Membership for PCA as of the 40th day. - program review - CMS obligated to review - 2 parts first review on state performance plan - individual education plan - Review - IEP random - couple pulled - IEP development to incude must improve 

Allison Hervol- Bilingual Ed Program- Parents must complete questionaire and staff should be trained  - following power point  - review last year - missing lanaguage usage form - created language survey - NM uses (differences) - NM one should be the one used.  - parents given form in english or spanish or other language (1-6) on form students will be screened. NMPED web site  - EL services provided - letter must go home - right now PCA does not have a letter or a form  - PCA stated they would provide 2 hour block as of the 40th day these classes were not being offered.  - HOme langage survey does not match NM form.  - No bilingual program offered. - some positive : Home langage survey - WIDA - 
Recommendation - NM LAS form....

Lavern - concludes first potion of CMS review.

5. REPORTS - Response/Presentation by Pecos Connections Academy in Support of Application for Local Charter School Renewal - Kim Hite-Pope (up to 30 minutes).
Discussion:  Response:  Dr Hite-Pope:  Board Members and Dr. W has a copy of the slide.   - Kyla Anderson President of Board of Trustees  - for son and other NM students; education option that PCA can offer - virtual settings have tried - considering renewal - brought virtual learning to whole state. In just 4 months she has done so much.

Dr. Hite-Pope:  curriculum on board for new teachers and students and parents; 3 level  - Accredited by higher ed. 115 parents on line tonight.    All lessons are recorded.  school starts 8:30 - 11:30 and then break for lunch - 1:00 -3:330. = sceen time - Kinder get 1 hour to 1 1/2 - 30 minutes reading, 30 minutes math, intervention or enrichment. -student suports for Sp Ed. - new director to straighter up areas that were in deficet - to get things aligned. carlabda policy and procedure handbook - 52 students and 2 bilingual students  students are meeting with bilingual teachers and working together. : learning Events - parent are responsible. 
Work is being divided and less is falling through the cracks.  improvement of 2 % math 2% reading.
Team discuss - collaboration is welcomed. - want to improve partnershiop and improve organizational compliance. David - appreciate time and work provided. especially since you have been on board. 
6. REPORTS: Recommendation by Administration regarding Pecos Connections Academy Application for Local Charter School Renewal (up to 10 minutes).
Discussion:  Dr. Washburn -  3 options:
approval with no conditions
conditional approval  - approve charter with conditional one year basic time to evaluate PCa indeed making progress and put things inplace. complying with state and local governance beore conisder longer term.  conditionally approve PCA one year term.  concer with Dr. Washburn -per Ron - all remarks were good. (2000 students to consider) thrive in this conditions.  like what heard from Hite-Pope (4 months not much time) did not put good people in good places intitially. robbie - comments from parents and teachers - great job with the students. - 4 months not enought time - audit and trying to help improve - givning more time will bebeneficial - Simon - same as Ron - term brick and moatar - a lot of parent and kids have given their comments. - agree with Dr. Washburn - one year approval will be good.  Trent - district is held responsible for the rules  - things are being said - a little jealous with parents - becuase of COVID no excelling like PCA. -  Also with the board - been involved that was before this board and superintendent.  We are there to support and involve. - curent adminsitration has best interest and to succeed. David - third year on board - review budget and passed it on and Dr. W raised question on role and standards - tem together and doing a good job.  honor his teams work and go forward and do the best for our distruct and for PCA.  
7. BUSINESS: Discussion and Action by CMS Board of Education regarding Pecos Connections Acadmy Application for Local Charter School Renewal (ACTION).
Presenter:  Gerry C. Washburn, Superintendent
Discussion:  Motion by Mr. Shoup for conditional renewal for one year - renogiatite with will be : minimize district risk - negotation of distruct contract - negotiaitons in January and renewal in March.  School will remain until after one year - PCA - renewal in October 2021 - b-ard will make a decision by December 2021. will end of back here one year from now. terms and conditions will benegoations between CMS and PCa beginning in Janaury - will give us a March deadline. 

Ms. Anderson - Kyal - thank you for the opprunity to work toghere next year and letting families talk. look forward. 
Presenter:  Ron Singleton, Board Vice President
Discussion:  Motion was made by Mr. Singleton to adjourn the meeting:  by roll call vote: all 5 yes. 

Meeting Adjourned.

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