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December 15, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Consideration to Approve Agenda
Presenter:  Board President
3. Approval of Minutes of Previous Board of Education Meetings
Presenter:  Board President
4. Opportunity for Audience
Any citizen who would like to address the Board will be able to do so as the item on the regular agenda.  Comments will be limited to 2 minutes per subject.  If further time is needed, concerns should be addressed to the Superintendent.  Personnel matters will not be discussed in a public meeting.
Items that appear under the heading Routine and Regular Business will not be discussed or comments taken unless it is requested that they be removed from that category and placed on the regular agenda.  Action on Routine and Regular Business will be acted upon with one motion and one vote.
5. REPORTS:   1) Superintendent's Report
Presenter:  Gerry C. Washburn, Superintendent
Discussion:  enrollment  17 more seniors 7 more jr. - down 19 kids 9th and 10th up 26 kids in 7 and 8the grade.   - Held enrollment with upper grades and significant decline in elementary.  Will impact next years budget.  State speaking strongly on holding harmless for student loss. (signfi financial impact).  Grading practices - significant issues with D's & F's  well over 50% of our studetns have a D or an F.  Teachers to provide addl time for students to complete work and assignments.  Avoid adding more new assignments.  Getting kids caught up so they can move on.  Semester weighting 50% with no added weight with final exam (only weighted once)  moving to a 50 - 100 scale. asking teachers curving class period final grade. considering dropping lowest daily grades.  have to find a way to help students with the environment they are in. face to face - Friday to January 1, 2020 (tutoring will be offered in this time for Sp Ed Students).  NM Dept of Health - Dec 11, delay in person learning after winter break because of COVID - non - Jan 4 and Jan 11.  January 18, small group instruction 5-1 K-3 and Sp. Ed. Students. - Sp ed students will return 5-1 on week of January 18, 2020.  monitoring closely covid counts possible pre k and K the week after Janaury 18, slow walk up to third grade. (contingent on case counts).  Jan 4, - surveillance testing will change to at home saliva testing on 10% of staff 2 week prior to the start of student services. memo will go out to staff tomorrow on process. register with Vault Medical will ship the test to them and staff will return via UPS. will be testing 71 of our staff every week starting Jan. 4, 2020. does not matter if you are remote or in person.Please cooperate. test should be better.  final piece - idea week of sept 22, 2020 - daily case count averages.  Bernallio 25 cases a day - Nov. 23, 2020 at 800 cases this week at 531 cases a day.  Lea at 105 and 102 today - our range 58-81. sept. 22, 12 cases a day - for ou to reurn to hybrid our average needs to be 2. - decisions need to be made regarding students returning to in person learning.It is going to be very difficult to get students to return to school.   Hospital workers and long term workers will begin getting vaccinations by middle of February. next round march 13,  - teachers and staff no earlier than April or may.   - 110 middle school students are lacking a vaccination and we are urging parents to get the vaccinations immediately.  
6.A.1. Authorization to pay bills, approve District Cash report, approve Budget Report for the previous month and accept donations as included within the agenda.
Presenter:  Laura Garcia, Director of Finance
6.A.2. Monthly Vendor Spend Reports
Presenter:  Crystal Hernandez, Chief Procurement Officer
6.A.3. Title I - Budget Increase
Presenter:  Allison Hervol, Director of Federal Programs
6.A.4. Title III - Budget Increase
Presenter:  Allison Hervol, Director of Federal Programs
6.A.5. IDEA-B (24106) FY 2020-21 - Maintenance BAR 0024-M
Presenter:  Justin Gossett, Director of Special Education
6.A.6. IDEA-B (24106) FY 2020-21-Maintenance BAR 0025-M
Presenter:  Justin Gossett, Director of Special Education
6.A.7. Preschool Fund IDEA-B (24109) FY 2020-21 - Maintenance BAR 0023-M
Presenter:  Justin Gossett, Director of Special Education
6.A.7.a. Motion to approve Routine and Regular Business.
Presenter:  Board President
6.B. Award RFP 2020-2021-13 Integrated Pest and Weed Control Services (ACTION)
Presenter:  Crystal Hernandez, Chief Procurement Officer
7.A. Formal Contract Procurement Award (November 2020) (NO ACTION NEEDED)
Presenter:  Crystal Hernandez, Chief Procurement Officer
Discussion:  robles 1 issued.  No action needed.
9. EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Motion by the Chair to dismiss to Executive Session by roll call to discuss limited Personnel Matters.  The specific statute authorizing closing is NMSA 1--15-1 (H) (1) No action will be taken in Executive Session.
Discussion:  Return to open session by roll call vote:  Mr. Shoup/yea; Mr. Rubio/yea; Mr. Chacon/yea; Mr. Cornum/yea; Mr. Singleton/yea.
Discussion:  Motion to adjourn by Mr. Singelton - roll call   - all yes...  Motion pass

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