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September 28, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Special School Board Meeting

I. Middle School Art Mural Proposal
Description:  The middle school art teacher, Sara Boom, and a few middle school students want to brief share with the Board their plan for the mural (hall decorations) adjacent to the middle school art room.  It is essentially practice for the students to draft a proposal and gain feedback from a governing body on their proposal.  The proposal was briefly shared by Mrs. Green at the last board meeting and the actual proposal will be shared at the meeting.  The artwork will take place on the wall that was recently redone with the removal of the original wallpaper.
II. High School Band Trip Proposal
Description:  Mr. Matt Page, high school band instructor, is proposing the high school band students, meeting the established criteria, participate in the 80th anniversary celebration of Pearl Harbor.  The event will take place in December, 2021 and will include around 5 school districts in a variety of scheduled events and two musical performances.  Mr. Page is needed to solidify intent with the travel agent and event coordination.  Mr. Page will share the general overview of the trip and to get general consensus to continue to pursue the trip; which would be the start of a larger trip every 2-4 years to help promote the music department.  No funding will be required from the school district; students will fundraise for the trip as well as donations from local businesses and organizations.
III. Fox Hills Elementary School Construction Update
Description:  Construction Engineers and JLG Architects will have representation at the meeting to provide an update on construction.  The main items for presentation/discussion will include timelines for remaining items (cafeteria and landscaping) as well as the punch list process.  Items still needing resolution will be discussed as well as a contingency report to outline any remaining contingency items post-occupancy and outlook for a final contingency items that will combine all remaining smaller items for completion.  The OAC meeting will take place prior to the Board meeting.
IV. 2020-2021 Budget and Certificate of Levy
Description:  Mr. Hebert and Mr. Holen will update the Board on any pending changes to the 2020-2021 General Fund budget prior to the October 10th deadline for certificate of levy and final budget submission.  A few small items and recent grants offered by DPI (through federal government) will impact the budget and may warrant some adjustments prior to final submission.  An overview of the budget and certificate of levy will be presented to the Board for possible revisions; since this is the last meeting prior to the October 10th deadline. 
V. Cores Grant Funds Proposal
Description:  CORES funds have been finalized by DPI - the MCPSD #1 is allocated $444,002.  The funds can be utilized as per the documents shared and essentially must be personnel to address additional duties and responsibilities related to COVID-19.  The administration has been working on a proposal for the use of these funds and is provided in the Box link.  Mr. Holen will present the proposal for Board consideration and pending approval.  Given the limited timeline for addressing these staff additions (December 31st, 2020); it is important to begin the hiring process and expend the funds as allocated.  Any questions related to the proposed use of the grant funds can be discussed at the meeting and approval to move forward with any components of the proposal will be requested at this meeting.  
VI. Broadband Assistant Funding Through DPI
Description:  DPI recently provided information regarding a $500,000 Boardband Grant as part of the CARES funding for North Dakota school districts.  The MCPSD #1 was allocated $7,490.59 for the purpose as outlined in the documents from DPI.  Mr. Holen will request guidance from the Board on the proposed use of the funds and the protocol of which to utilized the funds to help promote Boardband access for students on distance learning and in need.  The school district is currently utilizing hot spots via the phones purchased during the spring shutdown.  Currently about 5 families are using these hot spots, however, additional requests are being received on a regular basis.  
VII. Health and Safety Plan Review/Updates
Description:  The current Health and Safety plan was reviewed by the Health and Safety committee on Wednesday, September 23rd.  The committee reviewed items for proposed revision and committee recommendation for Board consideration/revision.  A list of the proposed changes and revised plan is provided on the Box link for review. Essentially, the major changes include the district notification process to include a weekly "dashboard" format utilized by other school districts in ND.  A current dashboard is provided on the Box link for review to show the general information that would be included in this communication.  This will replace the portion of the plan that states a district notification will occur for each COVID-19 positive case in any school building.  The administration did not view this portion of the plan viable or productive after implementation.  The other major changes include the delivery model options available in the Yellow portion of the plan.  Given the information now available on the hybrid model and the importance of having students in school on a regular basis (state attempting to move school districts on hybrid to 5-day a week); the administration does not foresee a scenario of which the school district would recommend a modified schedule (four-day week or hybrid).  The four-day week was discussed by the high school as a potential viable model for the reason of providing some time and assistance to teachers doing both model (distance - synchronous and in-person).  The committee would like the Board to reconsider the Yellow phase to remove the hybrid model option and further consideration of provisions made in the Yellow phase.  The committee also wanted the Board to consider the process and metrics used to determine when the school district considers moving to the next phase in Yellow (currently at Phase #1).  Lastly, the administration would like to revisit the discussion on essential workers from the last board meeting as well as consideration/discussion of the contact tracing process.  The past week, the state has implemented an executive order and rescinded the order based on the contact tracing process.  Mr. Holen will share the current information on contact tracing and to receive Board input on possible changes to this process at a local level.  The contact tracing process remains "guidelines" at this point and allows for local discretion and consideration as to the process.  If the Board chooses to have this option further researched or considered; it can be initiated at this meeting.  
Overall, this portion of the agenda is to provide the Board with an update on the plan and its implementation to date as well as revisions, as working through situations and cases to date, and experienced issues of which need revision of the plan created prior to school starting and implementing the plan to fidelity.  
VIII. Teachers on Call Report 2020-2021
Description:  The contact tracing process has put additional pressure on substitute teachers to cover for teacher working remotely and absent.  Teachers on call has met with the school district to share its recruiting progress and outlook for the fall.  This portion of the meeting will share documents provided by Teachers on Call (to be sent Monday) and provide the Board an overview of the substitute teaching situation and how it is being addressed at the building level.  Plans for substitute teaching implemented last year are being revised accordingly and building administrators can provide a general report on how it is being handled at all levels.  
IX. Financial Report 2019-2020 Revisions
Description:  Mr. Hebert provided the 2019-2020 Financial Report at the September regular school board meeting.  An error was present in that report regarding the Fund 05 ending balance (Food service) as it was to be $0.00 instead of the negative balance provided in the report.  The reason for the discrepancy, as noted at the meeting, involved the payables and transfer of funds between the General Fund regarding health benefits for Fund 05 employees.  Mr. Hebert will provide the Board an update of the changes and a revised Financial Report 2019-2020 for submission to DPI by the deadline in October.  

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