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June 29, 2015 at 4:30 PM - SPECIAL PUBLIC MEETING

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1.A. Governing Board Retreat - Discussion and Study of General Issues Affecting the District through Fiscal Year 2017-2018 to include:

        1.  Board and Superintendent Goals and Expectations
        2.  Core Values and Beliefs

        3.  Student Achievement and Engagement Strategies

        4.  Construction and Facilities including:
             a.  Status of Bond-Funded Properties Improvements
             b.  Proposed Property Improvements
             c.  Property Development

        5.  Human Resources including:
             a.  Evaluation System Development
             b.  Anticipated Staffing Needs
             c.  Technology Implementation and Issues
             d.  Facilities
        6.  Policy, Procedure and Practice including:
             a.  Communication Protocols
             b.  Grading and Assessment
             c.  Curriculum, Pedagogy and Programs
             d.  Community Engagement and Communication Efforts
        7.  Budget Development Issues including:
             a.  Affordable Care Act
             b.  Meet and Confer Process
             c.  The State Budget 
             d.  Budget History
             e.  Federal Funding 
             f.   Bonds and Override in General
             g.  Enrollment 
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