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January 11, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Virtual Meeting

I. Let the record show that all the Board Members and the Superintendent are present.
Let the record show the Administrators that are present.
II. Consider the attached Accounts Payable Vouchers, the November 24, 2020 payroll for payment, the December 11, 2020 payroll for payment, the December 23, 2020 payroll for payment, and the January 8, 2021 payroll for payment.
III. Consider the Treasurer Report as of October 31, 2020 and November 30, 2020.

__________ moved.  __________ seconded.  Motion carried.
IV. Consider the 1st Midwest Self-Insurance Fund Treasurer Report as of October 31, 2020 and November 30, 2020.

__________ moved.  __________ seconded.  Motion carried.
V. Consider the 1st Midwest Athletic Complex Donations Fund Treasurer Report as of October 31, 2020 and November 30, 2020.

__________ moved.  __________ seconded.  Motion Carried.
VI. Consider the minutes of the December 14, 2020 virtual School Board Meeting.

__________ moved.  __________ seconded.  Motion carried.
VII. Superintendent and/or School Board Member Report

Goal Area 1 - Academics:  All learners will continuously demonstrate academic growth.

Goal Area 2 - Safety:  We will provide a safe and secure learning environment for all.

Goal Area 3 - Equity:  We will provide a positive, incluseve, and equitable envirnment for all.

Goal Area 4 - Communication:  We will improve communication and strengthen relationships both internally and externally.

Goal Area 5 - Finances:  We will advocate to increase the financial resources of the Corporation to provide an outstanding school environment and opportunities for our students, staff, and community.
VIII. Professional Development
VIII.A. Recommend Dr. Shirley attend the Virtual School Superintendent’s 
        Association Annual Conference on February 18-19, 2021 with expenses paid from 
        Title IIA.
VIII.B. Recommend Dr. Shirley attend the virtual Indiana Association of Public 
        School Superintendents Winter Seminar on January 29, 2021 with expenses paid from 
        Title IIA.
VIII.C. Recommend approving the Professional Development items.

__________ moved.  __________ seconded.  Motion carried.
IX. Leave/Resignation/Employment
All new employment to Lake Ridge New Tech Schools is contingent upon a cleared Expanded Criminal History Background Check within 30 days and a cleared Expanded Child Protection Index Check within 60 days of effective date.  IC 20-26-2-1.5 and IC 20-26-2-1.3
IX.A. Recommend accepting Kenzie Hillis’ resignation from the Assistant Swim 
        Coach position at Calumet New Tech High School effective December 14, 2020.

IX.B. Recommend Laurie Cain be employed as the Assistant Swim Coach at 
        Calumet New Tech High School for the 2020-2021 season.
IX.C. Recommend approval of the Leaves/Resignations/Employment items.

_________________ moved __________________ seconded. Motion carried.
X. New Business
X.A. test
X.B. We are recommending approving the first reading of the following policies:
PO-0151- Organizational Meeting – Technical Correction
PO-0152-Officers – Technical Correction
PO-0154-Motions – Revised
PO-0155-Committees-Technical Correction
PO-0164.04 Meeting of the Board Defined – New Policy
PO-0165 Notice of Board Meeting Defined – New Policy
PO-0167.01 Voting – Revised
PO-0167.03 Public Participation at Board Meeting – Revised
PO-0167.2-Executive Session-Revised
PO-1220-Employment of the Superintendent-Revised
PO – 2266 – Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities – New Policy
PO-2370.02-Flex Program-Technical Correction
PO-2623-Student Assessment-Revised
PO-2370.05 – Virtual Education Program – New Policy – recommend to reject         Reason to reject:  We are not a virtual education program we are virtual due to           COVID
PO-2700-Annual Performance Report-Revised
PO-3120.11-Public Hearing Before Commencement of Collective Bargaining-New Policy
PO-3220-Staff Evaluation-Revised
PO-4162-  Drug and Alcohol Testing of CDL Holders and Other Employees Who Perform Safety Sensitive Functions – Replacement Policy
PO-5111-Determination of Legal Settlement and Eligibility for Enrollment of Students Without Legal Settlement in the Corporation
PO-5130-Withdrawl from School-Technical Correction
PO-5460-Graduation Requirements-Revised
PO-5610-Suspension and Expulsion of Students-Revised
PO-5895-Student Employment-Revised
PO-6105-Electronic Signature-Revised
PO-6114-Cost Principles-Spending Federal Funds-Revised
PO-6250-Required ADM Counts for the Purpose of State Funding-New
PO-6325-Procurement-Federal Grants/Funds-Revised
PO-7540.02-Web Accessibility, Content, Apps, Services-Revised
PO-8330-Student Records-Revised
PO-8390-Animals on School Corporation Property-Revised
PO-8400-School Safety-Revised
PO-8405-Environmental Health and Safety Issues-Indoor Air Quality, Animals in the 
Classroom and Idling Vehicles on School Property-Revised
PO-8415 – Delegation for Continued School Function – New Policy
PO-8416 – Delegation for Continued School Function During a Declared Emergency   
– New Policy
PO-8420.01-Pandemics and Epidemics-New
PO-8450-Control of Casual Contact Communicable Diseases-Revised
PO-8450.01 – Protective Facial Coverings Suring Pandemic/Epidemic Events – New                      Policy
PO-8462-Child Abuse and Neglect-Revised
PO-8800-Religious/Patriotic Ceremonies and Observations-Revised
PO-9700-Relations with Special Interest Groups-Revised
X.C. Recommend approving a 3% raise for Title I Paraprofessionals and EL 
        Paraprofessionals retroactive to the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.
X.D. Recommended the Board approve the offer of stipend pay for the following:
           Calumet New Tech High School Teachers for work completed during their prep 
           Title I and EL Paraprofessionals for work over and above their normal duties
           during remote teaching.
           Linda Hobock, English Learners/Family & Community Engagement Coordinator, 
           for work over and above her normal duties during remote learning.

X.E. Recommend approving stipend pay for Roxanne Shimek, Jacquelyn Elman, 
        Tiffini Mikulich, and Bernadette Donaldson for work above and beyond the scope of 
        their normal work day. 
X.F. Recommend granting permission to cancel checks that are two or more 
        years old.
X.G. We are recommending approving the Royalty Agreement with Ohiopyle Prints, Inc.
X.H. Recommend approving the 5-year Beverage Vending Agreement from 
        Bottling Group, LLC.
X.I. Recommend approving the 2021 Property, Auto, Liability, E&), Law 
        Enforcement insurance renewal.
X.J. Recommend approval of the new business items.

__________ moved.  __________seconded.  Motion carried.
XI. Adjournment

__________ moved.  __________ seconded.  Motion carried.
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