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February 15, 2018 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

a. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance/Roll Call/Establish of a Quorum
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b. Presentations or Certificates/Awards
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b.1. Debbie Collins
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c. Correspondence
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d. Hearings of Invited Individuals or Groups (Limit 15 minutes per Individual/Group)
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d.1. CHS National Ocean Sciences Bowl Team(s)
e. Approval of Agenda     ACTION  
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f. ** Audience Comments regarding Agenda Items
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g. Consent Agenda     ACTION  
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g.1. January 10, 2018 Regular Meeting Draft Minutes
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g.2. Policy Review (Second Read)
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g.3. Out-of-State Travel - Hans Werner - Teachers Teaching with Technology Conference - March 2-4, 2018, San Antonio, TX     
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g.4. Stipend Program Reimbursement Request for Emily Moody    
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h. Reports - Student Council, City Council, CEA
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i. Committee Reports
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i.1. AASB Liaison - Mr. Hoepfner
i.2. Jr.Sr. High Site Council - Ms. Altermott
Attachments: (1)
i.3. Mt. Eccles Site Council - Ms. Glasen
Attachments: (1)
i.4. Curriculum Committee - Ms. Jewell & Ms. Glasen
i.5. Board Policy Committee - Ms. Altermott & Mr. Hoepfner
i.6. Safety/Facilities Committee - Mr. Bradford & Mr. Hoepfner
i.7. Strategic Planning Committee - Ms. Jewell & Ms. Altermott
i.8. Negotiations - Ms. Jewell & Mr. Hoepfner
j. Administrative Reports - Principals, Technology, Maintenance, Food Service, Business Office, Superintendent
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k. Financial Reports
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l. Information Items
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l.1. January 10, 2018 Work Session
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m. New/Unfinished Business     
m.1. Senate Bill 131:  Education Funding; Budget     ACTION
Attachments: (3)
m.2. Alaska's Education Challenge     DISCUSSION
Attachments: (4)
m.3. March Board Meeting Date     DISCUSSION
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n. Contracts/Memorandums of Agreements
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o. Personnel
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p. Miscellaneous
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p.1. Next Regular Meeting Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 
p.2. Important Dates
p.2.1. February 7, 2018-- Safety- Facility Committee Meeting
p.2.2. February 9, 2018-- In-Service-- No School
p.2.3. February 11-13, 2018-- AdvancED Site Visit
p.2.4. February 19, 2018-- President's Day Holiday-- No School
p.2.5. February 19, 2018--Curriculum Committee Meeting @ 5:15
p.2.6. February 21, 2018-- Superintendent Evaluation Meeting 
p.2.7. February 22, 2018-- Strategic Planning Committee Meeting @ 5:30
p.2.8. February 28, 2018-- Staff Appreciation Dinner @ Pioneer from 6-8pm.
q. Pending Agenda
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q.1. Candidates for School Board Election
q.2. Budget Development Process
q.3. Superintendent Evaluation
q.4. Curriculum Review Report
q.5. Facility Needs
q.6. School Board Officers
q.7. Employee Contracts Approval
q.8. Investment Options
q.9. Board Engagement
r. ** Audience Comments
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s. Board Comments
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t. *Executive Session     
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u. Adjournment
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