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March 28, 2019 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Moment of Silence
3. Public Comments
Reasonable restraints on the number, length, and frequency of presentations are permissible. The board may limit the number of persons it will hear on a particular subject and the frequency with which they may appear, so long as the regulation does not abridge constitutionally guaranteed rights of freedom of speech and to petition, nor unfairly discriminate among views seeking expression. Atty. Gen. Op. H-188 (1973)
4. Consent Agenda:
4.A. Minutes of Board Meeting January 24, 2019
Attachments: (1)
4.B. Minutes of Special Board Meeting March 7, 2019
Attachments: (1)
5. Superintendent's Report:
6. Information:
6.A.  Addition of Pearland Builders risk insurance policy.
Attachments: (1)
7. Action Items: 
7.A. Discuss and take appropriate action to approve CGS Marketing Service Contract agreement.
Attachments: (1)
7.B. Discuss and take appropriate action to approve TxEIS Renewal contract
Attachments: (1)
7.C. Discuss and take appropriate action giving 90 day notice for termination of current H1 Campus Lease
7.D. Discuss and take appropriate action to approve Allotment and TEKS Certification 2019-20
Attachments: (1)
7.E. Discuss and take appropriate action to authorize Superintendent to negotiate BID Contracts for Pearland Campus.
8. Governance: none
9. Curriculum: 
9.A. Information - Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)
Attachments: (4)
10. Items over $5,000:
10.A. Discuss and take appropriate action to approve F-150 Truck purchase
Attachments: (1)
11. Finance:
11.A. Information - Check Register for February 2019
Attachments: (1)
12. Executive Session:
13. Action, If Necessary on the Items Discussed in Closed Meeting:
14. Adjournment: 
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