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April 27, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Virtual Called Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Invocation
4. Pledges of Allegiance  
5. Consider Action to Request a Waiver from the Texas Education Agency to Address the CPR Training Shortfall  for the Class of 2020 in Response to the COVID-19 Emergency.  Action Item
6. Consider Action to Approve the Bid for Upgrades to the Fiber-Optic Network and the Replacement of the District's Wifi / Firewall through E-Rate Application to begin in the 2019-2020 Funding Year and Continuing into the 2020-2021 Funding Year.  Action Item
7. Consider Action to Approve a Budget Amendment for Heartland SSA.  Action Item
8. CLOSED SESSION - If, during the course of the meeting, discussion of any item on the agenda should be held in a closed meeting, the Board will conduct a closed meeting in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Government Code, Chapter §551, Subchapters D and E or Government Code section §418.183 (f). Before any closed meeting is convened, the presiding officer will publicly identify the section or sections of the Act authorizing the closed meeting. All final votes, actions, or decisions will be taken in open meeting.
8.A. Personnel Matters-551.074
8.B. Review Resignations (If Any)
8.C. New Hires to Fill Vanancies- (If Any)
8.C.1) Proposed Hire-Middle School Math Teacher
8.C.2) Proposed Hire-High School History Teacher
8.C.3) Proposed Hire-Elementary Principal
8.C.4) Proposed Hires-Other Professional Staff as Necessary
8.D. Consultation with Region 15 ESC Concerning the Superintendent Search and Individual Applicants.  551.074
9. Consider Action Pursuant to Discussions in Closed Session-(If Any)
9.A. Offer Contracts for Staff Positions Discussed in Closed Session.  Action Item
10. Consider Information and Action to Call Board Meetings, as Needed, to Facilitate Superintendent Search Process.  Action Item
11. Adjournment - Action Item

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