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April 28, 2021 at 1:00 PM - Operating Board of Directors

I. Call to Order, Linda Eades, President
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Roll Call, Kelly Martin, Board Secretary
IV. Accept resignation and appoint Denny Cook to fill the position vacated by Vicki Schnelten
V. EXECUTIVE SESSION for the purpose of discussing matters relating to the
appointment, employment, dismissal of officers or employees of the Board,
negotiations, or other pertinent issues involving the Four Rivers cooperative and the
taking of such action as may be proper in closed session.
VI. Reception of Visitors and Public Comment
VII. Amendment of Agenda
VIII. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of March 24, 2021 and Minutes
of Closed Session, March 24, 2021
IX. Financial Concerns
IX.A. Treasurer's Report
IX.B. Accounts Payable
X. Administrative Reports
XI. Items Requiring Board Action
XI.A. Personnel (Employment, Resignations, Transfers, Retirement)
XI.B. Roof Bids
XI.C. STL Quote
XI.D. Review and adopt Supervisor Job Description
XI.E. Review and adopt Dean of Students Job Description
XII. Director's Report
XII.A. Statewide Grant
XII.B. Medicaid Billing for Non-eligible Students
XII.C. IMRF Report
XII.D. Risk Assessment
XII.E. Certa Training
XII.F. ROE Grants
XII.G. Supervisor Assignments 2021-2022
XIII. Other Items
XIV. Adjournment
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