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March 28, 2016 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order    
2. Establishment of Quorum
3. Pledge of Allegiance/Invocation/welcome visitors
4. Open Forum
5. Superintendent's report: a) enrollment/ada, b) Warren ISD tax swap, c) 2016 Reaud Excellence in Education Award
Presenter:  Superintendent McEachern
6. Consent Agenda
Presenter:  Supt. McEachern
Description:  Motion ______________ Second________________
to approve consent agenda as presented (amended)
For_________  Opposed
______ Abstained _____
6.A. Minutes
6.B. February 2016 bills and accounts
Presenter:  Terry Ling
6.C. February 2016Tax Office Report
Presenter:  Terry Ling
7. Financial Statements: monthly financial reports  
Presenter:  Terry Ling
Description:  Motion ____________________ Second ____________
To approve the monthly financial statements as presented.
For __________ Opposed _____________
8. Discuss, and if appropriate, take action to approve recycling out of warranty, broken and unusable computer equipment through Cycle 2 Technologies (no attachment)
Presenter:  Mr. McEachern
Description:  Motion______________ second_______________
To approve recycling out of warranty, broken and unusable computer equipment as recommended
For_____ Opposed ______ Abstained _____
9. Discuss, and, if appropriate, take action to approve modifying the 2015-16 Warren ISD school calendar (no attachment)
Presenter:  Supt. McEachern/Mr. Paddie
Description:  Motion________________ Second______________
To approve modification of calendar as presented

For______ Opposed ______ Abstained_______
10. Discuss, and, if appropriate, take action to approve the 2016-2017 Warren ISD school calendar
Presenter:  Supt. McEachern and Mr. Paddie
Description:  Motion_____________ second___________
To approve the 2016-17 school calendar as presented
For ______ Opposed ______ Abstained______
11. Discuss, and, if appropriate take action to approve the 2016-17 Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA) and TEKS Certification
Presenter:  Supt. McEachern and Mr. Paddie
Description:  Motion ______________ Second______________
To approve the IMA and TEKS Certification as presented
For _____ Opposed _____ Abstained _____
12. Closed Session:
Description:  No action or vote may be taken in closed session meeting.  An open meeting will be held to consider and take action, if any, on items described in closed session in accordance with Open Meeting Act, Section 551.001 et seq., Texas Government Code
13. Personnel matters: a) employment of professional and non-professional employees: certified administrators, teachers, athletic director, special education diagnostician, counselors, library media specialist, instructional technology coordinators, school nurse(s), business manager, director of operations, and school health coordinator  b) resignations
Presenter:  Superintendent McEachern
Description:  Motion _____________ Second________________
To approve a one-year term contract and one-year probationary contract for the certified professional personnel for the 2016-17 school year, and, resignations as recommended by Superintendent McEachern.
For _______ Opposed________ Abstained_______
14. Budget Amendment(s)
Presenter:  Terry Ling
Description:  Motion __________________ Second_________________
To approve amendments as presented
For ________________ Opposed ________________
15. Future Agenda Items:
16. Adjourn:
Description:  Motion ___________ Second _________
To adjourn meeting
For_______ Opposed_____

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