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August 9, 2021 at 5:00 PM - Cooperative High School Governing Board - Regular Meeting

1. Roll Call - Tentative Budget Hearing
2. Approval of Agenda
Description:  ACTION
3. Introduction of Guests, Public Comments/Questions
4. Tentative FY22 Budget
5. Adjourn Tentative Budget Hearing
6. Roll Call - Regular Meeting
7. Consent Agenda Items
Description:  ACTION
7.A. Bills
Description:  ACTION
7.B. Activity Fund Balances
Description:  Informational
7.C. Approval of Minutes
Description:  ACTION
7.D. Closed Board Minutes
Description:  ACTION
8. BHRA Return To School Plan 21-22
Description:  ACTION
9. Tentative FY22 Budget
Description:  ACTION
10. Handbook Changes - 2nd Reading
Description:  ACTION
11. Cooperative High School / Administrative Update
Description:  Information
12. Building Project update
Description:  Information
13. Reports
Description:  INFORMATION
13.A. Did You Knows?
14. BHRA Collective Bargaining Agreement 21-22 / 22-23 / 23-24
Description:  ACTION - Close session if necessary
15. Personnel (Closed Session if necessary)
Description:  ACTION
15.A. Resignations/Retirements/Terminations
15.B. Employment of Personnel
15.B.1. Class Sponsors
Description:  ACTION
15.B.2. Re-Employment of Rif'd Aides
Description:  ACTION
15.B.3. Non-collective bargaining salaries 21-22
Description:  ACTION
16. Public Comments/Questions
17. Adjourn

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