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December 14, 2020 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation
2. Public Comments, Presentations and Reports
2.A. Public comments/audience participation
Description:  Core Value 4
2.B. Superintendent's Report
Description:  Core Values 1, 3, 4
2.B.1. Report regarding a recommendation for the site of 2021 graduation ceremonies
2.B.2. Update regarding virtual and on-site instruction and plans for next semester, recognition of ongoing staff efforts during the pandemic, and other items related to COVID-19 and school response
2.C. Board Reports
Description:  Core Value 1
2.C.1. Reports from Board members regarding scheduled visits to campuses
2.C.2. Reports from Board members regarding attendance at education-related meetings and events
3. Action Items for Consideration
3.A. Consent Agenda Items
3.A.1. Acceptance of gifts to the District
Description:  Core Values 2, 4
3.A.2. Approval of Board meeting minutes
3.A.2.a. November 16, 2020, Regular Meeting
3.A.3. Approval of District budgeted purchases
Description:  Core Value 2
3.A.3.a. Veeam computer backup software
3.A.3.b. ClearTouch interactive panels for Palo Duro High School
3.A.4. Approve enrollment fees for staff to participate in the UTeach Blended Learning professional development course 
Description:  Core Value 3
3.B. Regular Action Items
3.B.1. Consider approving Amendment #4 to the 2020-2021 District budget
Description:  Core Value 2
3.B.2. Consider adopting a resolution to authorize lease of District property for a billboard installation, RFP #3610
Description:  Core Values 2, 4
3.B.3. Consider adopting a resolution to extend COVID leave provisions through June 2021
Description:  Core Values 2, 3
3.B.4. Consider approving the selection of a vendor for furniture for the AmTech Career Academy 
Description:  Core Values 1, 2
3.B.5. Consider approving a contract with Advanced Pavement Maintenance, Ltd., for the Palo Duro High School new parking lot at Grant and 15th streets, CSP #4041
Description:  Core Values 1, 2
3.B.6. Consider approving a contract with Pioneer General Contractors for the Amarillo, Tascosa and Caprock high schools perimeter security fence project, CSP #4042
Description:  Core Values 1, 2
3.B.7. Consider approving an increase in the owner's contingency amount for Page & Associates Contractors, Inc., CSP #0004, auditorium and restroom renovations to Amarillo High School and Tascosa High School, along with restroom renovations and drop-off improvements at Coronado and Park Hills elementary schools
Description:  Core Values 1, 2
3.B.8. Consider approving a recommendation for property insurance coverage for the District
Description:  Core Value 2
3.B.9. Consider approving a revised stipend pay schedule 
Description:  Core Value 3
4. Information Items
4.A. Financial Reports (Budget Status and Comparison Report, Investment Report, Medical Insurance Fund Report, Dental Insurance Fund Report, Workers Compensation Fund Report and Purchase Order Report)
Description:  Core Value 2
4.B. Report regarding incidents of vandalism or damage to District property
Description:  Core Values 2, 4
4.C. Consultation with legal counsel regarding Fairly and Hodge v. Amarillo Independent School District, Cause No. 109734-D-CV, 320th District Court, Potter County, Texas
5. Personnel Items
5.A. Information Items:  deliberation regarding resignation, evaluation, discipline, changes of assignment and/or duties of employees, administrators and/or public officer(s); superintendent evaluation
Action Items: appointment, employment, leave of absence, or dismissal of public officer(s), district employee(s), teacher(s), teacher/coach(es), administrator(s), and/or supervisory staff
Description:   Core Value 3
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