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March 20, 2020 at 8:00 AM - Regular

1. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation
2. Public Comments, Presentations and Reports
2.A. Public Comments/audience participation
Description:  Core Value 4
2.B. Report regarding the proposal to rename Carver Elementary Academy and Carver Early Childhood Academy under Board Policy CW(LOCAL) Naming Facilities
Description:  Core Values 1, 4
2.C. Monthly financial reports (Budget Status and Comparison Report, Investment Report, Medical Insurance Fund Report, Dental Insurance Fund Report, Workers Compensation Fund Report, Purchase Order Report and Staff Travel Report for 2019-2020, first semester)
Description:  Core Value 2
3. Action Items for Consideration
3.A. Consent Agenda Items
3.A.1. Acceptance of gifts to the District
Description:  Core Values 2, 4
3.A.2. Approval of Board meeting minutes
3.A.2.a. February 24, 2020 Regular Meeting
3.A.3. Approval of District budgeted purchases
Description:  Core Value 2
3.A.3.a. Electrostatic disinfectant misters
3.A.4. Approve the sale of Potter County properties, including 1115 NW 21st Ave., 309 Virginia St., 402 S. Tennessee St., 203 N. Alabama St., 2424 NW 13th Ave., and 4232 SW 15th Ave.
Description:  Core Value 4
3.B. Regular Action Items
3.B.1. Deliberation on and possible action regarding District needs and emergency response related to COVID-19, including delegating authority during health emergency; consider approving a Resolution related to COVID-19
Description:  Core Values 1, 2, 3
3.B.2. Consider approving Amendment #8 to the 2019-2020 District budget
Description:  Core Value 2
3.B.3. Consider approving the purchase of Chromebooks for the 2020-2021 ninth grade students at Amarillo, Caprock, Palo Duro and Tascosa high schools
Description:  Core Value 1
3.B.4. Consider approving design development phase documents for Dekker Perich Sabatini (DPS) Bond Package #3, which includes work at Wolflin Elementary School
Description:  Core Value 1
3.B.5. Consider adopting on first reading revised Policy FDB(LOCAL) Admissions - Intradistrict Transfers and Classroom Assignments
Description:  Core Values 1, 4
3.B.6. Consider approving a Medical Claims Third Party Administrator (TPA), a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), a Specialty PBM, and a Dental Claims Third Party Administrator for the District's employee health insurance plan
Description:  Core Values 2, 3
3.B.7. Consider establishing a Board committee to study facilities needs for extracurricular activities
Description:  Core Values 1, 2, 4
4. Information Items
4.A. Report regarding Board committee appointments
Description:   Core Values 1, 2, 4
5. Personnel Items
Description:  Core Value 4
5.A. Information Items:  deliberation regarding resignation, evaluation, discipline, changes of assignment and/or duties of employees, administrators and/or public officer(s)
Action Items: appointment, employment, leave of absence, or dismissal of public officer(s), district employee(s), teacher(s), teacher/coach(es), administrator(s), and/or supervisory staff
Description:   Core Value 3
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