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April 20, 2020 at 4:30 PM - Meeting by Videoconference

1. Call to Order
2. Public Comments, Presentations and Reports
2.A. Public comments/audience participation
2.B. Superintendent's Report: Update on AISD's COVID-19 response
Description:  Core Values 1, 2, 3 and 4
3. Action Items for Consideration
3.A. Consent Agenda Items
3.A.1. Acceptance of gifts to the District
Description:  Core Values 2, 4
3.A.2. Approval of Board meeting minutes
3.A.2.a. March 11, 2020, Special Meeting
3.A.2.b. March 20, 2020, Regular Meeting
3.A.3. Approval of District budgeted purchases
Description:  Core Value 2
3.A.3.a. Carpentry materials and supplies
3.A.3.b. Hardware and installation services for two fire alarm and detection systems
3.A.3.c. Renewal of Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) Desktop and Office Agreement
3.A.3.d. Hardware and installation services for the project to retrofit exterior doors at Capock High School and Amarillo High School and provide additional access control at Palo Duro High School for electronic accessibility
3.B. Regular Action Items
3.B.1. Consider approving Amendment #9 to the 2019-2020 District budget
Description:  Core Value 2
3.B.2. Consider approving the Instructional Materials Allotment and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Certification Form for 2020-2021
Description:  Core Value 1
3.B.3. Consider awarding a contract for the management of the District's food service program
Description:  Core Values 1, 2
3.B.4. Consider adopting a resolution regarding local policy series EI (including, specifically, local policies EI, EIA, EIC, EIE, and EIF) and determinations/authority regarding grading, grade point averages, class rank and valedictorian/salutatorian designation
Description:  Core Value 1
3.B.5. Consider approving a resolution regarding emergency purchases related to COVID-19
Description:  Core Value 1, 2
3.B.6. Consider approving a resolution regarding personal technology use stipends for District teachers, professional support staff, and administrators
Description:  Core Value 3
3.B.7. Consider authorizing the submission of a waiver request to the Texas Education Agency to waive educator appraisal requirements due to COVID-19
Description:  Core Value 3
3.B.8. Consider approving a District waiver of appraisal requirements for employees other than teachers, principals and other campus administrators
Description:  Core Value 3
3.B.9. Consider approving amendments to the Thrive Scholarship Agreement between Amarillo College, Amarillo ISD, Amarillo Area Foundation, and Amarillo Economic Development Corporation
Description:  Core Value 1
3.B.10. Consider approval of construction documents for Parkhill, Smith and Cooper (PSC) Bond Package #2, which includes work at Austin, Crockett and de Zavala middle schools and Avondale, Belmar, Bivins, Glenwood, Oak Dale, Pleasant Valley, San Jacinto, South Georgia and Woodlands elementary
Description:  Core Value 1
3.B.11. Consideration and action to authorize demolition work at the career academy, approve Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) amendment to the contract with the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), Southwest General Contractors, for such work, and authorize further actions incident hereto
Description:  Core Values 1, 4
3.B.12. Consider approving the ranking and selection of contractors for each of the roof replacement projects for Bowie and Crockett middle schools, Carver Elementary Academy, Carver Early Childhood Academy, and Emerson Elementary School (CSP #4040)
Description:  Core Values 1, 2
3.B.13. Consider taking action to officially rename Carver Elementary Academy and Carver Early Childhood Academy under Policy CW(LOCAL)
Description:  Core Values 1, 4
3.B.14. Consider approving a letter of commitment for an authorized provider of teacher reading academies
Description:  Core Values 1, 3
3.B.15. Consider authorizing the submission of a low attendance waiver request to the Texas Education Agency
Description:  Core Values 1, 2
3.B.16. Consider adopting revised local policies in Policy Update 114 (Sections E - G):
Description:  Core Values 1, 2, 3, and 4
3.B.16.a. EHBB(LOCAL) Special Programs - Gifted and Talented Students
3.B.16.b. FDE(LOCAL) Admissions - School Safety Transfers
3.B.16.c. FFAA(LOCAL) Wellness and Health Services - Physical Examinations
3.B.16.d. FFB(LOCAL) Student Welfare - Crisis Intervention
3.B.16.e. FFBA(LOCAL) Crisis Intervention - Trauma-Informed Care
3.B.16.f. FL(LOCAL) Student Records
3.B.16.g. GBAA(LOCAL) Information Access - Requests for Information
3.B.16.h. GKA(LOCAL) Community Relations - Conduct on School Premises
4. Information Items
4.A. Monthly financial reports (Budget Status and Comparison Report, Investment Report, Medical Insurance Fund Report, Dental Insurance Fund Report, Workers Compensation Fund Report, and Purchase Order Report)
Description:  Core Value 2
4.B. Report regarding incidents of vandalism or damage to District property
Description:  Core Values 2, 4
5. Personnel Items
Description:  Core Value 4
5.A. Information Items:  deliberation regarding resignation, evaluation, discipline, changes of assignment and/or duties of employees, administrators and/or public officer(s)
Action Items: appointment, employment, leave of absence, or dismissal of public officer(s), district employee(s), teacher(s), teacher/coach(es), administrator(s), and/or supervisory staff (including renewal of contracts for instructional staff, campus support staff and employees assigned as principals, assistant principals, directors, executive directors, chief officers, assistant superintendents and deputy superintendents for the 2020-2021 school year)
Description:   Core Value 3
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