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December 16, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Board of Directors Meeting

I. Call To Order
II. Approval of the Consent Calendar    (Action)
II.A. Minutes - November 2021
III. Executive Team Report   (Information)
III.A. CEO Report - December 2021
III.A.1. A Year in Review 2021
III.B. November 2021 Strategic Scorecard
IV. Reports
IV.A. Board Reports
IV.A.1. President Report  (Information)
IV.A.2. Compliance and Quality Committee (Information)
IV.A.3. *Finance Committee (Information)
*Packet can be viewed in Board Book 
V. Unfinished Business   (Information)
VI. New Business (Information)
VII. Items from the Board    (Information)
VIII. Dates for Future Meetings    (Information)
VIII.A. Finance Committee - 1/19/2021 at 6PM via Zoom
VIII.B. Compliance and Quality Committee - 1/12/21 at 6PM via Zoom
VIII.C. Board of Directors - 1-27-21 at 6PM via Zoom 
IX. Announcements    (Info)
X. Adjourn
XI. Credentialing and Privileding List December 2021

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