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June 21, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Virtual Regular Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
3. Opportunity for Citizens to Address the Board
3.A. Citizens who desire to address the Board on any matter listed on the agenda may sign up to do so prior to this meeting.  Public Comments will be received during this portion of the meeting.  Please limit comments to three minutes.  No discussion or final action will be taken by the Board.
4. Consideration of Approval of Consent Agenda
4.A. Consideration of Approval of Minutes from the Virtual Regular Meeting on May 17, 2021
4.B. Consideration of Approval of the Appointment of Full-Time Faculty
4.C. Consideration of Approval of the Appointment of Full-Time Professional Staff
4.D. Consideration of Approval of the Appointment of Adjunct Faculty
4.E. Consideration of Approval of the Quarterly Investment Report-3rd Quarter 2020-2021
4.F. Consideration of Approval of the Budget Revision Schedule-3rd Quarter, FY 2020-2021
4.G. Consideration of Approval of 2021-2022 Professional Contracts
4.H. Consideration of Approval of 2021-2022 Faculty Contracts
5. Consideration of Approval of Disbursements for May 2021
6. Student and Faculty Spotlight
6.A. Outstanding Student Presentation:
Highlight several Temple High School students who assisted our criminal justice department

6.B. Outstanding Faculty Presentation
Recognition of Dr. Shelley Pearson for her tremendous service as associate vice president of health professions

7. President's Report
8. Reports
8.A. Faculty Council Report
8.B. Academic Affairs and Student Services Reports
8.C. Foundation Report
8.D. Board Committees
8.D.1. Building/Facility Planning Committee Report
8.D.2. Finance Committee Report
8.D.3. Policy Committee Report
9. New Business
9.A. Consideration and action with respect to "An Order Authorizing the Issuance of Temple College District Limited Tax Bonds; Establishing Procedures for the Sale and Delivery of the Bonds; Levying an Annual Ad Valorem Tax for the Payment of Said Bonds; Authorizing Execution of a Paying Agent/Registrar Agreement; and Authorizing Other Matters Related to the Issuance of the Bonds".
9.B. Consider the following actions with regard to RFQ-21-01 for Underwriting Services
9.B.1. Approval of the creation of a Qualified Pool of Investment banks to provide underwriting services to last for a period not longer than five years
9.B.2. Delegation to the President (or her designee) the authority to select investment banks from the Qualified Pool to form the syndicate for individual bond sales and execute documents necessary to secure underwriting services
9.C. Consideration of Approval of an Amendment to the FY2021 Budget
10. Bid/Purchase Items
10.A. Consideration of Approval of Information Technology Purchases
10.A.1. Computers and Classroom Technology from Dell
10.A.2. Servers from Waypoint
10.A.3. Firewall from DataDefense Partners
10.A.4. Endpoint protection software from Dell
11. Miscellaneous
12. Executive Session to Consider Personnel, Legal Matters, and Real Estate
13. Adjournment
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