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April 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. President calls meeting to order
2. Public Comment
3. Accept Board minutes
4. General Information
4.A. Principal Report
4.B. Update on Strategic Planning Process
Description:  The next two days of the strategic planning process are set for April 26 and April 27.  These days are all-day events.  During these meetings, the group will review the data received from the meetings and the surveys that were returned.  Region 16 has reported that 78 surveys were returned. 
4.C. Update on Teacher Incentive Allotment
Description:  The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA)application has been submitted to TEA. We should hear back in June if our application was accepted or if TEA wants more information before they will approve it.  We have one time to modify the application after it has been submitted.  I have been working with ESC 16 to ensure the application meets TEA's requirements. Remember the TIA was created by HB 3 as a way for teachers to earn designations based on student growth and teacher performance.  Teachers that earn a designation can earn from $5,000 to over $19,000  The designations are good for 5 years before they must qualify again for the designation.  I have attached the TIA guidebook which is also posted on the website. 
4.D. Open Range Update on Drainage Project
Description:  Open Range is going to have to get an aerial survey because what Richard provided is not what they need. Luke said the civil drawing that was provided to them is actually not accurate to what was built.  There are differences in some of the roads to the west of the school and the football field along with some of its surrounding facilities are not located correctly and some of them are not on the drawing. 
4.E. Discussion about teacher and staff compensation schedule
Description:  I have gathered salary schedules from several different schools, the salaries that Roberts County pays, and a TASB salary comparison from several different regions to see how MISD compares. I have attached those salaries for you to review.  There is no action for this meeting, I just wanted to start the discussions. 
4.F. Upcoming School Board Training Opportunities
Description:  Wednesday, May 18: TASB spring training- Canyon at WTAMU 10:00-5:00. Offered online and in person. (5 CEU's)

June 15-18: San Antonio - TASB Summer Leadership Institute (17.5 CEU's) 

June 29-July 2: Fort Worth - TASB Summer Leadership Institute (17.5 CEU's)

I have attached a flyer for the Summer Leadership Institute. Registration opens April 26.

Let me know if you are interested in attending any of the trainings. 
5. Business Items
5.A. Discussion and possible action for approval of a Request for Additional State Aid for Ad Valorem Tax Credit for the Miam Wind I project
Description:  This action will allow the district to be reimbursed from the state for the tax credits that the district approved for Invenergy in the fall.  The board will be requesting $231,572.53 from the state.  
5.B. Discussion and possible action to approve the TASB Interlocal Participation Agreement for Risk Management Fund
Description:  The attached IPA replaces the current IPA which was last updated in 2012 by TASB. It must be approved to continue to participate in TASB Risk Management Fund Programs (i.e property insurance and worker's comp)
5.C. Discussion and possible action to repeal the optional homestead exemption under Texas Tax Code 11.13(n)
Description:  The mandatory state homestead exemption is $25,000.  MISD offers an optional homestead exemption which is 20% of the value of the house or on average, $15,000. The ISD did not collect $55,425.64 this tax year as a result of the optional homestead exemption. This is about a $450 savings on homeowners.  With HB3 the M&O tax rate will continue to be compressed, which will save taxpayers money.  Our compressed M&O tax rate for this year is $0.9134 plus our 6 golden pennies.  The compressed rate for next year will go down to $0.8941 and the following year to $0.8781.  As property tax rates continue to be reduced, the taxpayers will see savings. There is an amendment that will be on the May ballot to increase the state homestead exemption to $40,000 which I believe will pass.  I make the recommendation to repeal the optional homestead exemption.  I have looked into going out for the additional 2 golden pennies, but it would require an election and the additional pennies would generate $54,320 based on this year's values.
It is my opinion, repealing the optional homestead exemption is a better option than attempting to get the voters to pass a tax increase during a time when there is growing inflation and increased production costs for fuel, food, etc.   
I have attached the tax roll from Roberts County and a Texas Tribune article about the upcoming election to increase the state homestead exemption amount. 
5.D. Discussion and possible action to allow the Stock Show Board to renovate the kitchen at the project center at their expense. 
5.E. Discussion and possible action to approve the Texas Instructional Leadership Contract with ESC 16 for the 2022-2023 school year. 
Description:  This contract is for leadership coaching for Mrs. Word and me to coach teachers to improve their craft.  The instructional coaching contract we took this year is $7,000 for someone to come in and coach 4 teachers.  This contract was paid with ESSER funds.  The TIL contract is $10,000 but all the teachers will be receiving coaching.  The idea is if we can provide good feedback and strategies to all the teachers, then hopefully more will receive designations for TIA and earn more money. TIL is a lot of time and work for admin, as you can see when you look at all the scheduled dates for training. We honestly believe that this will help teachers, who, in turn, will benefit all the students. 
6. Consent Agenda: Financial Reports
6.A. Review Bills
6.B. Cash and Investment Report
6.C. General Fund Revenues Report
6.D. Activity Fund Balances
6.E. Tax Report
6.F. Transportation Report
7. Personnel
7.A. Hirings, if any
Description:  None
7.A.1. New Hire(s) for the 2022-2023 year
7.B. Resignations, if any
7.C. Executive Session: TGC 551.074 Discussing personnel or to hear complaints against personnel. 
7.D. Discussion and possible action to approve personnel contacts for the 22-23 school year.
Description:  I have attached a letter from Mrs. Word with her recommendations for teacher contracts.  I am recommending all teachers be brought back for the 22-23 school year. 
As a reminder of policy DC (LEGAL)
A board shall adopt a policy providing for the employment and duties of district personnel. The policy shall provide that: 1. A board employs and evaluates the superintendent; 2. A superintendent has sole authority to make recommendations to a board regarding the selection of all personnel, except that the board may delegate final authority for those decisions to the superintendent [see Superintendent Recommendation, below]; 3. Each principal must approve each teacher or staff appointment to the principal’s campus as provided by Education Code 11.202 [see DK and DP]; 4. Notice will be provided of vacant positions [see Posting of Vacancies, below]; and 5. Each employee has the right to present grievances to the

 A board may accept or reject a superintendent’s recommendation regarding the selection of district personnel and shall include the board’s acceptance or rejection in the minutes of the board’s open meeting, in the certified agenda or tape recording of a closed meeting, or in the recording required under Government Code 551.125 or 551.127, as applicable. If a board rejects a superintendent’s recommendation, the superintendent shall make alternative recommendations until the board accepts a recommendation. Education Code 11.1513(b)
8. Adjourn

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