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November 9, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
1.A. Roll Call and Declaration of Quorum
1.B. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Special Presentations
2.A. Red River Promise
Presenter:  Barbara Stanley, NCTC
2.B. Potential Real Estate Development
Presenter:  Jason Snuggs, Cooke County Commissioner
3. Public Forum
3.A. General Comments
3.B. Specific Agenda Item Comments
4. Consent Agenda
4.A. Approve minutes of previous meetings
4.B. Accounts Payable and other Financial Maters
4.B.1. Checks Written
4.B.2. Board Report
4.B.3. Cash Receipts
4.B.4. Cash by Bank
5. Administrative reports
5.A. Principals' Reports
5.B. Athletic Director
5.C. Curriculum and Instruction
5.D. Superintendent's Reports
5.D.1. Attendance
5.D.2. Budget Update
5.D.3. Update on Balanced Scorecard Development
5.D.4. Construction Update
6. Action Items
6.A. District of Innovation Plan renewal
6.B. District Improvement Plan
6.C. 2021-22 Budget Revision # 2
6.D. Calendar Revision
6.E. Approve Change Orders for CTE Building
6.E.1. Change Order # 2 - North Drive and Gate Addition
6.E.2. Change Order # 3 Fire Suppression Tank and Pump
6.F. Local Policy Manual Update 118
7. Information Items
8. Executive Session
9. Action on Executive Session Items
9.A. Employment of Certified Teacher
9.A.1. Sheila Beale (Elementary Teacher)
10. Adjourn

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