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March 8, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1.A. Call to Order, Roll Call, Declaration of Quorum
1.B. Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag 
2.A. Spotlight on Students - BHS; Harley Hensley - All State Band, State Congress
Presenter:  Patrick Hinson
2.B. Spotlight on Staff:  Band; Mackenzie Lane
Presenter:  Patrick Hinson
Individuals wishing to participate in this portion of the meeting shall sign up with the designated individual before the meeting is called to order and shall indicate the topic about which they wish to speak.
3.A. Public Comment on General Topics
Public comments regarding subjects not listed as an agenda item for this meeting.
3.B. Public Comment on Posted Agenda Items
Public comments regarding a specific agenda item or items listed on the posted notice for this meeting.
4.A. Review the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) for 2019-2020.
Presenter:  Dina Johnson
Description:  Texas Education Code 39.053 requires each school district's board of trustees to publish an annual performance report that includes the TAPR report.  The TAPR pulls together a wide range of information on the performance of students in each school and district in Texas every year.  Performance is shown disaggregated by student groups, including ethnicity and low-income status.  The report also provides extensive information on school and district staff, programs and student demographics.  The full TAPR report for the district and each campus will be accessible through the district website.
5.A. Approve minutes of Regular Board meeting on January 18, 2021
Description:  Attached are the minutes from the regular board meeting on January 18, 2021
5.B. Financial Report
Presenter:  Tracie Moos
Description:  Attached for your review is the finance and enrollment report
Presenter:  Tracie Moos
Description:  Mrs. Moos will review the 2020-21 budget and discuss progress toward the 2021-22 budget.
7.A. Review TASB Staffing Review
Presenter:  Clay Rosenbaum
Description:  Included is the TASB Staffing Review that has been done based on Central Office duties and responsibilities.  We will review the document and discuss the recommendations that are made by TASB
7.B. Discuss COVID related issues including wearing masks
Presenter:  Clay Rosenbaum
Description:  Due to the number of days we were out for the freeze, our COVID numbers are down to no quarantines.  Included is the document from TEA that address the Governor's order to lift the mask requirement.  We will discuss our thoughts regarding the wearing of a mask.
7.C. Discuss purchase of a new bus
Presenter:  Tracie Moos
Description:  We would like to purchase a new bus next month.  There are new requirements regarding seat belts on new bus purchases.  We would like to discuss the pros and cons with you of having seat belts prior to purchasing.
7.D. Review weather damage and progress
Presenter:  Clay Rosenbaum
Description:  We will discuss the damages to our buildings and the progress we are making toward reconstruction.
8.A. Consider certification of unopposed candidates for BISD Board of Trustees Place 3 and Place 4 and the cancellation of the May 1, 2021 Trustee election for Place 3 and Place 4
Presenter:  Clay Rosenbaum
Description:  Candidates for BISD Board of Trustee places are Kirk Felps, Place 3 and Scott Edwards, Place 4.
Since each place is unopposed, there will not be an election in May.  Therefore, we need to certify unopposed candidates and cancel the election.
8.B. Consider approval of 2021-2022 BISD School Calendar
Presenter:  Clay Rosenbaum
Description:  A calendar committee made up of staff from across the district began developing the 2021-22 school calendar in December.  After gathering input from all staff, the committee held several meetings to construct calendars that represented the staff input.  The committee started with 6 calendars, narrowed them to 3 then down to 2.   The two calendars were voted on by the staff.  Calendar A collected the most votes.
8.C. Consider approval of TASB Policy Update 115 & 116 affecting LOCAL policies: 115 - DED, DIA, DMD, EI, FB, FD, FEB, FFG, FFH, FMF, FNG, GF; 116 - CQB, DCD, GKA
Presenter:  Clay Rosenbaum
Description:  Included in the packet are documents from Policy Update 115 & 116.  The updates include 17 local policies for review and approval.
Two of those have been pulled out because we will recommend minor adjustments to them.  They are part of the next agenda item.
The Board Policy Committee met with the Cabinet on Monday, February 8 to review the updates.  We will review the policies that the committee suggested we discuss with the entire board.
8.D. Consider approval of LOCAL policies DCE; Employment Practices, and FFAC; Wellness and Health Services
Presenter:  Clay Rosenbaum
Description:  Two LOCAL policies, DCE and FFAC, have been pulled from TASB updates 115 & 116 due to minor changes needed.  We will review the changes we would like to make at the meeting.
8.E. Consider approval of Interlocal Agreement with ESC 13 to perform a Strategic Facility Plan
Presenter:  Tracie Moos
Description:  Included is the Interlocal Agreement with ESC Region 13 to assist in a Strategic Facility Plan that was discussed at the January board meeting.  The purpose of the this plan is to assist the district in evaluating buildings and sites for building systems and components, safety and security, TDLR/ADA compliance, and educational adequacy.  The agreement needs board approval due to the cost exceeding $25,000. 
8.F. Consider approval of Missed School Days Waiver
Presenter:  Clay Rosenbaum
Description:  Due the recent weather events, BISD canceled school for several days due to the snow, ice, frigid temperatures and the lack of water.  TEA will grant waivers for the days missed based on each districts circumstances.  We are seeking a waiver for 7 days of school that were canceled.
8.G. Consider approval of Resolution regarding employee pay during the weather emergency
Presenter:  Tracie Moos
Description:  Due to the extreme weather event that occured across Texas and other emergency circumstances within the District that resulted in school/district closures the week of 2/12 to 2/24, the district is requesting to continue wage payments to all exempt and non-exempt employees during the closure.
The attached resolution authorizes the Superintendent to compensate all employees for hours missed during the closure and to include premium payments for those employees that were required to work as deemed appropriate by the superintendent.
The resolution will also give the Superintendent authorization to alter the Blanco ISD 2020-2021 school calendar by changing and/or adding school/instructional hours and work/school days as necessitated by any emergency closure or related concerns.
8.H. Consider approval of Resolution regarding emergency purchases
Presenter:  Tracie Moos
Description:  Due to the extreme weather event that occured across Texas and other emergency circumstances within the District that resulted in damage to our buildings during the week of February 12 to 24, the district is in need of prompt repair in order to allow student instruction to resume promptly and to mitigate further damage.  
The attached resolution authorizes the Superintendent to make purchases and enter into contracts for the necessary and reasonable repair of our facilities by methods other than those required by Texas Education Code Section 44.031.  The district will bring to the board in future meetings estimates and updated information when cost of the damages are completed by Gerloff Company and settled with our insurance.
8.I. Discuss and consider mask related requirements based on the Texas Education Agency Public Health Planning Guidance
Presenter:  Clay Rosenbaum
Description:  Govenor Abbott lifted the statewide mask mandate this week and TEA followed up with guidance for school districts.  The guidance states: The governing board of a school system may modify or eliminate by formal action the mask-related requirements.
We will discuss how we want to move forward with the wearing of a mask.
9.A. Pursuant to Section 551.071, PERSONNEL, a) Resignations/Retirements, b) Employment of Probationary Contract Employees, c) Employment of Term Contract Employees: Chief Financial Officer, Chief Academic Officer, High School Principal, Middle School Principal, Elementary School Principal, Athletic Director, Instructional Technology Specialist d) Personnel Needs 
10.A. Reconvene from Executive Session for action relative to items considered during Executive Session
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