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December 13, 2021 at 5:15 PM - CCSD - School Board Policy Meeting

1. Section 5000 - Students

Performance Enhancing Drugs                                               BP 5131.63
Weapons and Dangerous Instruments                                  BP/AR 5131.70
Academic Honesty                                                                  BP 5131.90
Dress and Grooming                                                               BP 5132.00
Gifts to School Personnel                                                        BP 5133.00
Positive School Climate                                                          BP 5137.00
Student Possession & Use of Personal Electronic Devices,    BP 5138
Including Cellular Phones
Health Care and Emergencies                                                BP/AR 5141
Administering Medication                                                      BP/AR 5141.21
Allergy/Anaphylaxis Action Plan                                             E 5141.21(a)
Student Asthma Action Card                                                  E 5141.21 (c/d)
Infectious Diseases                                                                 BP/AR 5141.22
Infectious Disease Prevention                                                BP/AR 5141.23
Precautions for Infectious Disease Prevention                       E 5141.23
Health Examinations                                                               BP 5141.3
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