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October 11, 2021 at 4:00 PM - Policy Committee Meeting

1. Section 5000 - Students

Concepts and Roles                                                                                                             BP 5000
Noncustodial Parents                                                                                                         BP 5021
School Discipline and Safety                                                                                              BP/AR 5030
Student Nutrition and Physical Activity                                                                           BP/AR/E 5040
Admission                                                                                                                              BP/AR 5111
Exemptions from Attendance                                                                                           BP/AR 5112.1
Exclusions From Attendance                                                                                             BP/AR 5112.2
Open/Closed Campus                                                                                                         BP 5112.5
Education for Homeless Children and Children in Foster Care                                   BP 5112.6
Absences and Excuses                                                                                                        BP/AR 5113
Interdistrict Attendance                                                                                                     BP 5117
Transfers                                                                                                                               BP 5118
Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement                                                                  BP/AR 5121
Promotion/Acceleration/Retention                                                                                 BP 5123
Communication with Parents/Guardians                                                                        BP 5124
Student Records                                                                                                                  BP/AR 5125
Student Records – Notification of Rights Under FERPA for Elementary and
Secondary Schools                                                                                                              E 5125
Release of Directory Information                                                                                     BP 5125.1
Notice of Student Directory Information                                                                        E 5125.1

BP=Board Policy          AR=Administrative Regulation           BB= Board Bylaw         E=Exhibit
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