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September 9, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Independent School District 507 Regular School Board Meeting

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Agenda Item Type:  Procedural Item
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Agenda Item Type:  Information Item
5.a. Superintendent's Report
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Superintendent’s Report
  1. We are ready for the 2020-21 school year.  This will be a year like no other and we are prepared.  High quality education will happen in our district this school year regardless of the learning model in place. We’ve pivoted before and can do it again. Staff have been included in developing our plans. Cleaning has, and will continue to take place daily.  By collaborating with staff, students, parents, and community members we will continue to live our mission of developing responsible, lifelong learners who are ready to succeed in a changing world. 
  2. The hybrid learning plan, which will be used to start the school year dismisses students at 1:00 PM on Wednesdays. The early dismissal provides time for deep cleaning of our facilities and additional teacher preparation time.
  1. The original 2020-21 calendar included 9 early releases on Fridays for staff development.  Activities during staff development time include:
    1. PLCs
    2. Licensure trainings
    3. Grade level/team meetings
    4. IEP meetings
The hybrid learning model dismisses students at 1:00 PM every Wednesday to provide teachers with additional preparation time and to facilitate deep cleaning.  So, the early releases on Fridays have been eliminated. Instead, there will be no classes for students on the following Wednesdays: October 14th, December 16th, February 24th, and April 21st.  In aggregate, the instructional time in the calendar remains the same.  In addition to the staff development activities above, teachers will be engaged in the following:
    1. Staff meetings (cannot be conducted before school in the hybrid model)
    2. Committee meetings (cannot be conducted before school in the hybrid model)
    3. Providing remediation for students
  1. The updated hybrid learning plan is attached. It was developed in collaboration with MDH, MDE, and the teachers leadership team.  The information has been distributed to families and staff members.  The updated cleaning plan is also attached.
  1. Custodial hours we will need to be increased by 10 hours per week with the start of the school year due to more rigorous cleaning.  The additional cleaning will be needed throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.  Grant monies will offset the additional cost to the general fund.  The revised cleaning schedules are attached. 
  1. The school district telephone system, fire alarm panel, and keyless entry system were disabled in a recent lightning storm.  The damage has been repaired.  A claim has been filed with our insurance company.  We are monitoring for other damage that may have been incurred.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
5.b. Principal's Report
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Fall Workshop and In-service:
  • Fall Workshop and In-Service Update.
Getting Ready For School (Office, Custodial, and Other Staff):
  • I want to thank the office staff for sending out the back to school letters, etc. They all do a wonderful job! Very challenging getting ready this year and they have met the challenge!
  • I also want to thank the custodial staff for doing a great job of getting the school ready for the year.
  • Teachers have done a great job preparing for the year.
  • Tremendous teamwork!
Kindergarten Round-Up:
  • Round-Up Update.
  • Took place in the theater.
  • Orientation this year for 5th-grade was not held as it has been in the past. Families were allowed to have 1:1 conferences for both grades since they are being looked at as more Elem.
  • 9th Grade Orientation Update.
  • K-6th grade Elem. parent-teacher conference update (cont. for the rest of the week).
  • First day of school for 7-12th graders update. I anticipate next Monday will and Thursday will take a bit more time to get into the swing of things. New procedures that staff and students have to follow and get used to.
Other general updates may also be given. Any questions?
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5.c. Student Representative's Report
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5.d. Board Committees' Reports
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6.a. Approval of Minutes
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6.b. Approval of Bills in the amount of $80,186.15
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6.c. Approval of Personnel Items
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6.d. Approve Fundraiser Request
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The levy certification documents for Minnesota’s public schools will be issued by MDE on September 8th.  Calculations will be completed by the end of September. 

The first "levy run" typically contains errors.  Lindsey Heine will work with MDE to correct the calculations over the next few weeks.  She will review the preliminary Payable 2021 levy information at the school board meeting.

Lindsey and I expect the Pay 21 Levy to be comparable to the Pay 20 Levy.

The Superintendent recommends approving the maximum preliminary certification.

A presentation covering the 20-21 budget and the Payable 2021 Levy will be provided at the December 9th school board  meeting.  The final levy amount will be approved by the board at that time.

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