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June 27, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Special Board Meeting

1) Call to Order
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call
4) Recommendations
4)A) Miami Portable Classroom Bid 
Presenter:  Eric Rody
Description:  Miami Portable Classroom Bid
Attached is the follow-up information for the Miami Portable classroom bid.  KJG Architecture is recommending the low bid of JR Kelly, including alternate 1, which would bring their total bid to $454,300.   Alternate 1 was added as it was discovered by KJG that only one of the five portable classroom manufacturers stated they might be able to meet our target date of December 31 in getting a portable classroom to Lafayette for complete installation.   It was decided to add an alternate to the specifications to see how much the cost may be if the installation and completion was extended into late January or early February.   Those deductions are shown in each bidders submission, and JR Kelly is still the lowest responsive and responsible bidder per IC 36-1-12.   Federal ESSR monies will be used for this project and since federal monies are being used, all Davis-Bacon wage parameters have been included in this bid per federal requirements.  Administration recommends awarding the contract to JR Kelly in the amount of $454,300 as the lowest responsive/responsible bidder per IC 36-1-12, and further recommends that the Superintendent and/or Chief Financial Officer be authorized to execute contracts accordingly.   JR Kelly is a very reputable contractor who also built our new Glan Acres building as well as our swimming pool.  
5) Employee Recommendations
Description:  Presenter:  Dr. John Layton
The Administration recommends approval of the following employee requests:
 Stephen Anderson, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective May 26, 2022
 Jordan Buck, Choral Director, Tecumseh, effective August 1, 2022
 April Emery, Lunch Supervisor, Miami, effective June 20, 2022
 Baily Fair, 2nd Grade Teacher, Edgelea, effective August 1, 2022 
 Kayla Gorringe, Bus Attendant, Transportation, effective May 26, 2022
 Ruben Guzman, Head Custodian, Sunnyside, effective July 8, 2022
 Carrie Meyer, Benefits Coordinator, Hiatt, effective September 1, 2022
 Eden O'Brien, Bus Attendant, Transportation, effective May 26, 2022 
 Nicole Peterson, 3rd Grade Teacher, Oakland Elementary, effective August 1, 2022. 
 Adam Rice, PE Teacher, Oakland Elementary, effective August 9, 2022
 Stacey Smith, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective May 26, 2022
 Sheila Young, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective May 26, 2022

 Heather Mullen, Administrative Assistant, Hiatt, effective June 22, 2022
 Madgala Davilma, Bus Driver (new) 
 Emily Condon, Teacher (replacement)
 Rachel Gardner, Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (replacement)
 Emily Glatt, Essential Skills Classroom Nurse (replacement) 
 Jacqueline Grider, Director of SEL (replacement)
 Penny Griffith, Paraprofessional Facilitator (change is wages/salary)
 Julie Harrison, Paraprofessional (replacement) 
 Alexandra Karker, Orchestra Assistant (replacement) 
 Aquil Manuel, Bus Attendant (new) 
 Rachel MacKinnon, Paraprofessional (replacement)
 Michelle Ringstrom, JHS Special Education Teacher (replacement) 
 Ronda Stanley, Special Education Teacher (replacement) 
 Nicole Vohs, Teacher (replacement) 
 Richard Warren, Non CDL Bus Driver (replacement) 
 Laura Wilcoxson, 6th Grade STEM (replacement) 

6) Board Reports
7) Information Only
7)A) Construction Updates
Description:  Presenter: Les Huddle and Eric Rody
8) Adjournment

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