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August 20, 2020 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Routine Matters
I.A. Roll Call:  Stefanie Folkema, Teri Umbreit, Matt Meissner, Jennifer Widell, Kristin Papke, Ken Lind, Brent Stavig; ex officio  
I.B. Approval of Agenda
I.C. Citizens Comments
I.D. Approval of Consent Agenda Items
Description:  Consent agenda items usually do not require discussion prior to board action.  At the request of a school board member, an item will be removed from the consent agenda and placed on the regular agenda for discussion.
I.D.1. Approve Minutes of Regular School Board Meeting July16, 2020
Attachments: (1)
I.D.1.a. Approve Obligations - $954,592.67
I.D.1.a.1. July Obligations - $830,313.36
Attachments: (4)
I.D.1.a.2. August Obligations - $124,279.31
Attachments: (1)
I.D.2. Investments & Wire Transfers
Attachments: (1)
I.D.3. Approve Personnel Items
I.D.3.a. Retirement of Laureen Frost, Business Manager, effective July 31, 2020.
I.D.3.b. Retirement of James Jackson, Payroll Specialist, effective August 28, 2020.
I.D.3.c. Retirement of Maureen Guentzel, ADSIS Teacher/Co-Head Senior High Speech Coach/Junior High Speech Coach, effective July 16, 2020
I.D.3.d. Retirement of Wes Prose, Van Driver, effective July 18, 2020.
I.D.3.e. Retirement of Mary Kendall, Elementary Paraprofessional, effective July 31, 2020.
I.D.3.f. Resignation of Ericka Fitch, Food Service Cook, effective July 23, 2020
I.D.3.g. Resignation of Jeremy Albright, 5th Grade Teacher/Head Boys & Girls Golf Coach, effective July 27, 2020
I.D.3.h. Resignation of Brody Bakken, 3rd Grade Teacher, Baseball Coach, Assistant Football Coach, effective August 3, 2020
I.D.3.i. Resignation of Betsy Carpenter, Co-Head Senior High Speech Coach, effective immediately
I.D.3.j. Employment of Sherry Stahlberg, Food Service Supervisor, effective August 10, 2020
I.D.3.k. Employment of Trygve Thomson, Head Boys Basketball Coach, effective July 27, 2020
I.D.3.l. Employment of Nick Oeltjen, JV Boys Basketball Coach, effective July 20, 2020
I.D.3.m. Employment of Kyle Groh, C-Team Girls Basketball Coach, effective July 28, 2020
I.D.3.n. Employment of Rachel Bigelow, One Act Play Director, effective August 12, 2020
I.D.3.o. Employment of Kerstin Quigley, Business Manager, effective August 18, 2020*
I.E. Consideration of Item(s) Removed from Consent Agenda
I.F. Recognition/Policy Review
I.F.1. Retiree Recognition - Laureen Frost, Jim Jackson, Maureen Guentzel, Wes Prose, Marlen Holmberg, Mary Kendall
I.F.2. Policy Review
I.F.2.a. First Reading - None
I.F.2.b. Second Reading - None
I.F.2.c. Policy Adoption 
I.F.2.c.1. Policy 410 - Family and Medical Leave Policy
Attachments: (1)
I.F.2.c.2. Policy 413 - Harassment and Violence 
Attachments: (1)
I.F.2.c.3. Policy 414 - Mandated Reporting of Child Neglect
Attachments: (1)
I.F.2.c.4. Policy 415 - Mandated Reporting of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults
Attachments: (1)
I.F.2.c.5. Policy 506 - Student Dicipline
Attachments: (1)
I.F.2.c.6. Policy 514 - Bullying Prohibition Policy
Attachments: (1)
I.F.2.c.7. Policy 522 - Student Sex Nondiscrimination
Attachments: (1)
I.F.2.c.8. Policy 524 - Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy
Attachments: (1)
I.F.2.c.9. Policy 616 - School District System Accountablity 
Attachments: (1)
I.F.2.c.10. Policy 722 - Public Data Requests and Form
Attachments: (1)
I.F.2.c.11. Policy 806 - Crisis Management Policy
Attachments: (1)
I.F.2.d. Policy Adoption - Review and Adopt
I.F.2.d.1. Policy 808 - COVID-19 Face Covering Policy
Attachments: (1)
I.G. Financial Topics 
I.G.1. Truth in Taxation/Public Hearing Date
Attachments: (1)
II. Reports
II.A. Updates
II.A.1. COVID-19 
II.B. Meetings Attended
III. Communications
IV. Old Business
IV.A. Approve Strategic Action Plan
Attachments: (1)
V. New Business
V.A. Indianhead Foodservice Distributor - Pricing Agreement July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021
Attachments: (1)
V.B. Resolution Calling the Special Election
V.C. Approve Superintendent Goals
V.D. Approve Q Compu Program Update Form for 2020-21
Attachments: (1)
V.E. Approve High School Staff & Student Handbooks
Attachments: (2)
V.F. Approve Elementary Staff & Student Handbooks
Attachments: (2)
V.G. Approve Coaches and Activities Student/Parent Handbooks
Attachments: (2)
V.H. Approve Transportation Handbook
Attachments: (1)
V.I. Approve Tiger Care Handbook
Attachments: (1)
V.J. Approve Aquatic Center Handbook
Attachments: (1)
V.K. Approve Social Media for Student Participants/Parents
Attachments: (1)
VI. Calendar
VI.A. Work Session Board Meeting - September 3, 2020 at 5:15 pm - High School Media Center
VI.B. Regular School Board Meeting - September 17, 2020 at 5:30 pm - High School Media Center
VII. Adjournment
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