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May 10, 2017 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1) Call to Order
2) Roll Call
Description:  ___Carrie Claybundy
___Phil Dreher
___Ralph Lewis
___Shelly Patten
___Bob Stueven
___Terri Rud
___Jim Muckenhirn
3) Pledge of Allegiance
4) Adoption of Agenda
4)a) Additions to the Agenda
5) Public Comment
6) Consent Agenda
6)a) Approval of Minutes
6)b) Approval of Financial Report
6)c) Approval of Monthly Bills
6)d) Accept donations
6)e) Approval of Personnel
6)e)1) Employment Contracts
6)e)1)A. Kaila Juntunen Northome Math
6)e)1)B. Charlene Kucera Indus Special Education
6)e)1)C. Summer Worker Indus
6)e)1)D. Summer Worker Northome
6)e)2) Resignations
6)e)2)A. Resignation of Indus PE/Health teacher
6)e)2)B. Northome Bus Driver Resignation
6)e)2)C. Resignation of Indus Art teacher
6)e)2)D. Resignation of Indus Math teacher
6)e)3) Classified Summer Layoffs
7) Informational Items
7)a) Report of Indus Principal
7)b) Report of Northome Principal
7)c) Report of Superintendent
7)d) Report of School Board
7)d)1) Note of Appreciation for Indus School program
8) Action Items
8)a) Approve Steve Thomas, Superintendent agreement
8)b) Approve Laurie Bitter Principal agreement
8)c) Northome Dean/Principal position
8)d) Dissolve wrestling coop with International Falls
8)e) Indus Technology request
8)f) Call for Bread, Fuel, and Milk Bids
8)g) Health Insurance Provider
9) Adjourn
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