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December 18, 2017 at 5:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. Call the meeting to order/roll call
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Mission Statement
4. Approval of and/or changes to agenda
5. Open forum for citizens to address the school board
6. Approval of routine business items which includes the consent agenda, approval of meeting minutes, and board bills
6.a. Consent Agenda
6.a.1. Donations
6.a.1.a. Santiago Lions Club donation to Foley Intermediate School-Milk Money: $250.00
6.a.1.b. Benton County Community Health donation for Foley Public Schools-Lactation room: Recliner monetary value $214.73.
6.a.1.c. Foley Wrestling Club donation to Foley High School: $359.52
6.a.1.d. Lyon Sheet Metal and Heatings donation to Foley Intermediate School-5th Grade: $50.00
6.a.1.e. Foley Athletic Boosters donation to Foley Public Schools-Night of Excellence 2017: $1788.00
6.a.1.f. Jodi Henry donated vinyl numbers for the basketball backboards in the fieldhouse: monetary amount $20.00
6.a.2. Extracurricular On-Staff for 2017-2018
6.a.2.a. Foley Activities Department-Wrestling Assistant Coach: Evan Warnert
6.a.3. Extracurricular Off-Staff for 2017-2018
6.a.3.a. Foley Activities Department-Head Speech Coach: Samantha Lorenz
6.a.3.b. Foley Activities Department-Co-Director of One Act Play: Heather Mastromarco
6.a.4. Resignation-Retirement
6.a.4.a. Resignation-Foley High School-Educational Assistant: Angela Dahle 
6.a.5. Contracts/Adjustments/Position Changes
6.a.5.a. Foley Elementary School-Educational Assistant-Long Term Sub: Tracie Rudolph from 12-16-2017 through approximately 03-04-2018
6.a.5.b. Foley Elementary School-Boost Up Program 2017-2018 starting November 30th, every Thursday
6.a.5.b.1. Boost Up Teachers-54 hours total
        Raelin Miller-1st Grade
Jane Kotsmith-1st Grade
Megan Erickson-2nd Grade
Alecia Hageman-3rd Grade
6.a.5.b.2. Boost Up Teacher-45 hours total
   Melody Henry-3rd Grade
6.a.5.b.3. Boost Up Educational Assistants
Lauren Rohman-36 hours total
Jessica Foss-45 hours total
Marla Foss-45 hours total
Jill Schyma-45 hours total
6.a.5.c. Foley High School-Home Bound Instructor: Rod Hommerding effective 11-30-2017 through 01-02-2018
6.a.5.d. Foley High School-Home Bound Instructor: Mary Keating effective 12-06-2017 through 01-02-2018
6.a.5.e. Foley High School-Home Bound Instructor: Carleen DeMenge effective 12-01-2017 through 12-07-2017
6.a.5.f. Foley District Office-Operations Secretary Long Term Substitute: Jennifer Carlson from 12-07-2017 through approximately 03-05-2018.
6.a.5.g. Foley High School-Special Education Teacher Long Term Substitute: Paul Plombon from 02-08-2018 through approximately 04-29-2018.
6.a.5.h. Child Nutrition Department-Kitchen Assistant: Jodi Schreifels effective 12-11-2017
6.a.5.i. Child Nutrition Department-Kicthen Assistant Long Term Sub: Barbara Blais effective 12-1-2017 through approximately 01-15-2018.
6.a.6. Family Medical Leave
6.a.6.a. Foley Elementary School-School Readiness teacher: Emily Miller effective from 03-05-2018 through approximately 05-25-2018
6.a.7. Fundraising Application
6.a.7.a. Foley Intermediate School-7th Grade Student Advisory Class: Fox Family Fundraiser
6.b. Approval of Meeting Minutes
6.c. Board Bills
7. Reports to the Board
7.a. PSEO Update from Foley High School
Presenter:  Paul Neubauer
7.b. Foley Athletic Boosters Committee Update
Presenter:  Sharon Kipka
8. Set School Board-Committee Meeting Dates January 2018 through December 2018 (Discussion-Action)
Presenter:  Paul Neubauer
9. Class Size Parameters (Discussion/Action)
Presenter:  Paul Neubauer
10. Van Drivers Contract 2017-2019 (Discussion-Action)
Presenter:  Paul Neubauer
11. MREA Board of Directors Election 2018 (Discussion-Action)
Presenter:  Holly Gazett
12. Resolution to Fully Fund Special Education Services-Federal (Discussion-Action-Roll Call Vote)
Presenter:  Paul Neubauer
13. Resolution to Fully Fund Special Education Services-State (Discussion-Action-Roll Call Vote)
Presenter:  Paul Neubauer
14. Policies requiring review: (Discussion)
First reading and call for public comment for revisions of the following policies:
14.a. 461: Personnel Policies
14.b. 480: Nursing Policy
14.c. 513.3: Acceleration Policy
14.d. 515: Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records
14.e. 604: Instructional Curriculum
14.f. 614: School District Testing Plan and Procedure
14.g. 712: Video Surveillance Other Than on Buses
15. Policies requiring review: (Discussion)
Second reading and call for public comment for revisions of the following policies:
15.a. 100: Introduction to Policies
Attachments: (1)
15.b. 422: Policies Incorporated by Reference
Attachments: (1)
15.c. 463: HIPAA Non-Discrimination
Attachments: (1)
15.d. 466: Curriculum Writing
Attachments: (1)
15.e. 520: Student Surveys
Attachments: (1)
15.f. 528: Student, Parental, Family and Marital Status Nondiscrimination
Attachments: (1)
15.g. 701.1 Modification of School District Budget
Attachments: (1)
16. Policies requiring review: (Discussion-Action)
Third reading and call for public comment for revisions of the following policies:
16.a. 511.1: Fundraising by School Organizations
Attachments: (1)
16.b. 620: Credit for Learning
Attachments: (1)
16.c. 623: Mandatory Summer School Instruction
Attachments: (1)
16.d. 624: Online Learning Options
Attachments: (1)
16.e. 652: Procedure for Early Kindergarten Entrance
Attachments: (1)
16.f. 661: Co-Curricular and Inter-Scholastic Programs
Attachments: (1)
16.g. 903: Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites
Attachments: (1)
17. Truth in Taxation Hearing 
Presenter:  Karri Thorsten
17.a. Report to the Board:  2017 Pay 2018 Levy Limitation and Certification
17.b. Opportunity for Public Comment on the Levy Certification Report
18. Budget/Enrollment Report
19. Administrative Information and Reports
20. Meeting Events and Notices
Note that this list does not include all scheduled events. Please visit for a full calendar or visit the district office.
20.a. January 8, 2018-Regular School Board Meeting-FIS Media Center at 7:00pm
20.b. January 22, 2018-DACCS Committee Meeting-FIS Media Center at 5:00pm
20.c. January 31, 2018-Health and Safety Committee Meeting-Foley High School Office Conference Room-1:00pm
21. Open forum for citizens to address the school board
22. Opportunity for board member and administrator comments
23. Adjournment
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