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May 18, 2016 at 6:00 PM - REGULAR MEETING

1. Call meeting to order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Motion by_________________seconded by___________________to approve the agenda as presented/amended.  Action__________________.
4. Open Forum
5. Approval of Minutes:
5.A. Motion by _______________________seconded by_______________________to approve the minutes from the May 12, 2016 Special School Board Meeting.  Action ______________________.
6. Discussion Items
6.A. Architectural presentations
6.B. School Board Member attendance at Graduation.
6.C. Preliminary budget presentation.
6.D. Custodial negotiations discussion.
6.E. Reviewal of School Board Policy #521.  
6.F. Recommend continuation of splitting next year's 3rd and 5th grade classes.
6.G. First reading of custodial job descriptions.  
7. Approval of Financials:
7.A. Motion by __________________seconded by_________________ to approve to pay invoices as presented/amended in the amount of $113,714.10.   Action _____________.
7.B. Motion by ___________________seconded by ___________________to approve electronic transfers as presented in the amount of $173,547.50.  Action _____________.
8. Reports:
8.A. School Board
8.B. Superintendent
8.B.1. Determine selection process for auditor bids.
8.C. Principal
8.D. Other
9. Consent Items
Motion by ____________________seconded by______________________.   Action_______________________
9.A. to approve the resignation from Megan Suek.
9.B. to approve the resignation from Jennifer Painovich.
9.C. to approve the 2016-2017 Resolution for membership in the Minnesota State High School League.  
9.D. to approve the resignation of Bill Pocernich as National Honor Society Advisor.
10. to approve the 4th continuing contract for the following teaching staff:  Tyler Blom, Kristen Palmquist, Gina Knaus, and Katie Newmarch.  
11. to approve the Superintendent Contract for Nathan Libbon.
12. Action Items
12.A. Motion by_______________________seconded by ___________________to increase 4 year old School Readiness to 4 full days per week.  Action_____________________.
12.B. Motion by ___________________seconded by ___________________to approve the hiring of Lynn Odegaard as full time Administrative Secretary.   Action__________________.
12.C. Motion by__________________seconded by_________________to accept School District insurance policy at a cost of $41,119.77.  Action __________________.
12.D. Motion by _________________________seconded by ________________________to amend Long Term Facility Management Plan.  Action ____________________.
12.E. Motion by ___________________seconded by_____________________to approve the Teacher's Contract as presented.  Action ______________________.
12.F. Motion by _______________________seconded by ______________________to approve the non-renewal of probationary teacher Bjorn Anderson.  Action___________________.
13. Motion by_____________seconded by_______________to adjourn the meeting at ________p.m.  Action______________.

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