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April 20, 2016 at 6:00 PM - REGULAR MEETING

1. Call meeting to order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Motion by_________________seconded by___________________to approve the agenda as presented/amended.  Action__________________.
4. Open Forum
5. Approval of Minutes:
5.A. Motion by_______________seconded by________________ to approve the minutes of the regular March 16, 2016 regular meeting minutes as presented/amended.  Action _____________
6. Approval of Financials:
6.A. Motion by __________________seconded by_________________ to approve to pay invoices as presented/amended in the amount of $163,924.96.   Action _____________.
6.B. Motion by ___________________seconded by ___________________to approve electronic transfers as presented in the amount of $185,126.55.  Action _____________.
7. Reports:
7.A. School Board
7.B. Superintendent
7.C. Principal
7.D. Other
8. Consent Items
Motion by ____________________seconded by______________________
8.A. Accept $100 check from the Area Clothing Depot for the ECFE/School Readiness Children's Museum field trip.
8.B. to approve the District providing transportation for Community Education Swimming Lessons at Cloquet Middle School June 20-June 30, 2016.  
8.C. to approve the 2016-2017 School Calendar as presented.
8.D. To approve contracts for Office Staff and Paraprofessionals.
9. Action Items
9.A. Motion by_____________________seconded by_____________________to not make up the school day missed due to State Basketball Tournament.  Action____________________.
9.B. Motion by________________seconded by__________________to approve the HVAC Project Bid from____________________ in the amount of_____________________.  Action_______________.
10. Discussion Items
10.A. Principal Posting
11. Close for Negotiation Strategy
Motion by _______________________seconded by_____________________to close the regular meeting for Negotiation Strategy.  Action____________________.
12. Motion by__________________seconded by___________________to reopen the meeting.  Action____________.
13. Motion by_____________seconded by_______________to adjourn the meeting at ________p.m.  Action______________.

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