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June 17, 2015 at 6:00 PM - REGULAR MEETING

1. Call meeting to order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Open forum
3.A. __________ Moved, _________ Seconded to approve the agenda as amended. Action _____
    a. _________
    b. _________
    c. _________
4. Approval of Minutes:
4.A. _______ Moved, _________Seconded to approve the minutes of the special April 21, 2015 school board meeting as presented/amended. Action ____.
4.B. _______ Moved, _________Seconded to approve the minutes of the special May 20, 2015 school board meeting as presented/amended. Action ____.
5. Approval of Financials:
5.A. ______Moved, _______Seconded to approve to pay invoices as presented/amended in the amount of $ .  Action ____
5.B. _______Moved, _______Seconded to approve electronic transfers as presented in the amount of $     . Action _____
5.C. _______Moved, _______Seconded to accept a donation of $70 to the athletic fund from the family of Bob Manninen.  Action ______
5.D. _______Moved, ______Seconded to accept a bid of $6,000 for a sauna built by the students from Bill Pocernich.  Action _____
5.E. _______Moved, _______Seconded to approve all fund budgets for 2015-2016.  Action _______
6. Reports:
6.A. School Board
6.B. Superintendent
6.C. Principal
6.D. Transportation
6.E. Fire Chief
7. Personnel:
7.A. _______Moved, _______Seconded to accept Lori Johnson’s resignation effective May 29, 2015.  Action _____.
7.B. _______Moved, _______Seconded to accept Tara Krezowski’s resignation effective May 29, 2015. Action _____.
7.C. _______Moved, _______Seconded to approve a Title I MOU with            .              Action _____.
7.D. _______Moved, _______Seconded to approve a teachers contract with as a Math Teacher for one hour at a rate of       . Action _______
7.E. _______Moved, _______Seconded to approve a teachers contract with  Gina Knaus as a ECFE/ECSE instructor at MA 15 Step 9 in the amount of $50,741.  Action _______
7.F. _______Moved, _______Seconded to approve a K-12 Head Cook contract with Tina Dromeshauser at a rate of  $12.60/hour in accordance with the Non-Licensed Staff Agreement.  Action _______
7.G. _______Moved, _______Seconded to approve a contract with IASC for technology services at a cost of $20,000 plus fringe benefits.  Action ______
7.H. Member _______ Introduced a RESOLUTION RELATING TO THE LAYOFF OF BUS DRIVERS whereupon, member ________Seconded said resolution.
Voting in favor:
Voting against: 
Whereupon resolution was duly declared:   passed     failed.
8. Action Items:
8.A. _______Moved, _______Seconded to an agreement for provision of Health and Safety services for the 2015-2016 school year in the amount of $4,000.  Action _______
8.B. _______Moved, _______Seconded to accept insurance proposal from Vaaler Insurance Agency in the amount of $42,595.33 for the 2015-2016 school year.  Action ______
8.C. _______Moved, _______Seconded to an ARCC SPECIFIC SERVICES CONTRACT 2015-2016 in the amount of $14,630.95.  Action ______
9. Other:
9.A. ______Moved, ______Seconded to approve a JUST FOR KIDS MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING 2015/2016 YEAR DENTAL SERVICES.  Action _______ 
9.B. _____ Moved, ______Seconded to adjourn at  _____ p.m. Action _____

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